Intercom’s messaging platform allows you to communicate with your customers, resolve support issues, and track conversation histories in the same place. Grow helps you visually and intuitively monitor day-to-day trends within your Intercom data so that you can get live updates on how effective your customer support operations are and set effective, realistic goals to improve them.

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  • Gain powerful insights when you add Intercom to your all-in-one business command center in Grow.
  • Connect, blend, customize, and monitor data from Intercom alongside your other essential business data in real-time, in the palm of your hand.
  • Strategically visualize your data to focus your team around the goals and objectives that matter most.
intercom dashboard

Zac Kerr
VP of Business Development
Sales Rabbit, Inc.

“As Intercom and Grow users, we are definitely attending this wedding party! Intercom has quickly become a key tool to help our sales team to convert more prospects into customers. Grow keeps us constantly talking about and focused on how effectively we are using Intercom to improve day-to-day operations.”

Questions You Can Answer With
Intercom + Grow

How many chats are currently in our queue?

Over the past six months, what types of chats have been the most common?

What is our average time to respond to support questions this quarter?

How many unanswered chats have we had over the past 30 days?

Which of our sales reps have handled the highest number of chats so far this month?

How many prospects are we converting into customers this year compared to last year?

Reports and Data Available From Intercom

List Users: All user data, including type, ID, user ID, name, app ID, company, company type, preferred name, city name, continent code, country name, postal code, region name, timezone, last request date, created date, signup date, session count, unsubscribed from emails (true/false), marked emails as spam (true/false), has hard bounced (true/false), user agent data, tags, etc.

List Leads: All lead data, including ID, user ID, name, app ID, company name, company type, city name, country name and code, postal code, region name, timezone, last request date, created date, signup date, session count, unsubscribed from emails, marked email as spam, has hard bounced, user agent data, total unread count, etc.

List Counts: Counts of users and companies in the Intercom account filtered by conversations, companies, and users, including admin, segment, tag, username, conversation, company, user, ID, open, closed, active, new, slipping away, accounting, activation, email, adwords rate limit, billing, browser, browser crash, bug, bug report, cancellation/hold, etc.

List Companies: All company data, including company ID, name, created date, last request date, monthly sped, session count, user count, type, tags, segments ID, plan name, plan type, plan ID, expired (true/false), expired date, member count, etc.

List Tags: All tags, including type, ID, and name.

List Segments: All segment data, including type, ID, name, created date, updated date, and person type.

List Conversations: All conversation data, including ID, created date, updated date, user type and ID, Assignee type and ID, conversation message type and ID, message subject, author type and ID, open (true/false), read(true/false), etc.

Example Metrics From Intercom

intercom dashboard
  • Percentage of Prospects Closed/Won – Current Year
  • Current Day Unresolved/Open Chats
  • Total Weekly Chats Assigned by Rep Team
  • Unanswered Chats – Past 30 Days
  • Total Incoming Chats by Issue Type – Past 6 Months
  • Average, Fastest, and Slowest Time to Respond – Current Quarter
  • Leads Created by Month and Source – Current Month
  • Number of Chats Assigned per Rep – Current Month
  • Incoming Chats by Client Company – Current Year

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