MailChimp allows you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns. With Grow, you can view and monitor email engagement data from MailChimp and visualize it in real time alongside other key marketing data, enabling you to be more agile and capitalize on opportunities.

Get More with Grow — Your MailChimp Reporting Tool

  • Gain powerful insights when you add MailChimp to your all-in-one business command center in Grow.
  • Connect, blend, customize, and monitor data from MailChimp alongside your other essential business data in real-time, in the palm of your hand.
  • Strategically visualize your data to focus your team around the goals and objectives that matter most.
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James Morris
Founder and Principal

“Grow has been invaluable to us by letting us see at a glance how people are interacting with our email campaigns, website, and social posts, and the crossovers between them. The real time data in Grow’s dashboards enables us to make quick adjustments on the fly to capitalize on engagement.”

Questions You Can Answer With
MailChimp + Grow

What is the click rate for my emails?

What is my email campaign performance?

How many subscribers do I have?

What is my open rate?

What demographic of people open my emails?

What are my top campaigns by revenue?

Reports and Data Available From MailChimp

Get a List of Campaigns: List of all campaigns, including date created, campaign status, number of emails sent, sent date, recipient list, recipients count, open rate, clicks, subscriber clicks, total orders, total revenue, etc.

Get All of the Lists: List of all recipient lists, including list name, date created, member count, unsubscribe count, average subscribe rate, average unsubscribe rate, open rate, click rate, etc.
Growth History: Monthly change of existing subscribers, imported subscribers and opt-in subscribers.

List Activity: Daily activity for each list, including date, number of emails sent, unique clicks, hard bounce, soft bounce, subscribers, unsubscribers, etc.

Campaign Top Open Locations: List of countries, regions, campaigns, and the number of opens by area.

Example Metrics From MailChimp

  • Campaign Performance Overview
  • Subscribers and Unsubscribers – Last 30 Days
  • Email Opens by State
  • Email Opens by Country
  • YTD Campaign Opens and Clicks
  • Open Rate
  • Click Rate
  • Top Campaigns by Revenue
  • Top Campaigns by Open Rate

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