Zapier (Beta)

Zapier is how busy people get things done. They connect to multiple applications to automatically move information between them. When used with Grow, you’ll be able to connect to previously unavailable data sources, add data to datasets automatically, and even monitor the status and functionality of your Zaps.

Get more out of your applications using Grow + Zapier

  • Connect Grow to any of the 1000+ apps that Zapier integrates with to easily create metrics with available data.
  • Automatically append data to any Dataset connected through Zapier.
  • Set up webhooks to monitor your data in real time.

Top Apps You Can Integrate into Grow Using Zapier

  • Use Zapier to connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM to your Grow dashboards and get data on when a new account, contact, opportunity, or lead is created.
  • Analyze and monitor your sales team’s cancelled or scheduled events in Grow when you connect Calendly using Zapier.
  • Other integrations you can connect to Grow using Zapier: Google Drive, Slack, Azure Web Apps, and more!



Reports and Data Available from Zapier

Zapier is a powerful tool to add to your Grow toolkit. You’ll be able to integrate any of the 1,000+ apps that Zapier connects to in the Grow platform. Any data that Zapier is able to pull from those applications will be available for you to report on in Grow so you can get the answers you need.