You need detailed reports.

Website and product performance are what determine if you live or die. You need to know when your site is underperforming and how to fix it, or when to run a promotion for the highest impact. You need to be able to combine data from multiple sources to get the whole story.

Your data is siloed.

But what if it wasn’t? What if you were able to combine data from every tool in your tech stack and combine it into a single report? What if you were able to build that report once and let it update automatically, up-to-the-minute?

Get up-to-date reports with Grow.

Using Grow, you can create customized metrics that blend data across tools so you can get a holistic view into what is actually working and what isn’t. Determine where your customers are getting stuck, when it’s time to close out a product and even how your shipping times are doing at a glance.

Benefits of an E-commerce Dashboard

  • 5-minute interval reporting
  • Combine data from siloed tools
  • Understand the true impact of social campaigns
  • Monitor site performance

Commonly Tracked on an E-commerce Dashboard

  • Product performance
  • Social campaigns
  • Email click-throughs
  • Cart abandonment

More than just dashboards.
Get simple BI.

Grow is simple business intelligence (BI) created specifically for growth-focused organizations. Offering all the dashboards, reports, analytics, and unique insights you expect from traditional BI without the cost and technical resources normally required. Grow is on a mission to help growing companies win with data.

Grow’s Smart Builder includes features like automatic key values and date recognition, while tools like Datasets and the Data Explorer let data-savy users do all the heavy data prep once to create custom metrics that every team can use.

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