Easy-to-use ecommerce dashboards to accelerate growth

Why Use an Ecommerce Dashboard?

Turning website views into loyal, returning customers isn’t a process that happens on its own. That’s why data is so critical for ecommerce businesses: each step, from marketing to shopping to ordering to fulfillment, is a transition that can be refined to increase revenue.

Ecommerce business owners rely on a variety of platforms and tools to manage day-to-day operations and provide data to help grow their businesses. However, when that data is scattered and isolated in each individual platform, it can be difficult to get a complete, holistic view of your business. This is where an ecommerce dashboard comes in: Ecommerce dashboards combine data from all of your sources in one united platform so you can easily view and analyze all your data together.


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How an Ecommerce Dashboard Can Work for You

Data helps you make the right choices for your business; dashboards make that data easier to access, monitor, and analyze. With an ecommerce dashboard, you can clearly see what’s selling and what isn’t, which marketing and selling channels are most successful, and how your brand is growing. Automated, self-updating reports ensure you always have the most current information available.

Without a dashboard, you have to continue searching each and every app for your numbers: your ecommerce platform; your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts; your financial software; your email platform; your Google Analytics … and then pull numbers from each of those and put them into a spreadsheet to perform your calculations and analysis.

Dashboards allow you to spend less time organizing your data, and more time focused on your business.

Visualize Key Ecommerce Data for Real Insight

Grow easily pulls data from the platforms you rely on to run your business—all you have to do is securely connect your account to start building your ecommerce dashboard. You can create dashboards with metrics from all of your sources, and even combine data from multiple sources in the same metric. Here are a few of the key integrations ecommerce businesses can use in Grow:

Ecommerce Platforms

Perhaps the most critical component of an ecommerce business is its selling platform. (It is, after all, the gateway through which you obtain revenue.) Grow quickly connects with the most popular ecommerce platforms, including Shopify and Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce, as well as tools like Google Merchant Center and Amazon Seller Central.

Site & Social Analytics

For online sellers, website traffic and conversion rates are critical measures of business progress. The more eyes you can get on your site, the more opportunities you have to convert those eyes into paying customers, which is why Google Analytics is one of Grow’s most popular integrations. Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and even LinkedIn can provide ecommerce sellers with better customer insight and brand recognition.

Marketing Tools

Driving more traffic to your site requires marketing. Whether you focus on email, targeted digital advertising, or a combination of both, Grow has you covered. You can easily track open and click-through rates from email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Emma, ConstantContact, and more. Ad platforms like Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, AdRoll, and Google AdWords integrations are also ready-and-waiting for you to connect, track, and analyze your data.

Customized Data for Every Task

With an ecommerce dashboard, you can unite key metrics from across various platforms and departments in a single view, like site traffic, conversion rates, orders, revenue, new vs. returning customers, customer service stats, and more.

It can also be valuable to create more specialized dashboards for specific activities or departments within your company. For example, a social media dashboard can bring together data from all your social media accounts, while an email or marketing dashboard can more clearly show the ROI of specific campaigns. All of these dashboards will help you stay focused on the data that makes a difference, find answers to your questions, gain valuable insight, and make decisions more effectively and efficiently.

Ecommerce Dashboards Help Spikeball Dominate

After Spikeball’s Shark Tank appearance, they were “swimming in data,” says COO Scott Palmer. To successfully ride the growth wave, they needed to find a way to reduce human errors, understand and predict changes over time, and make quicker decisions. So they turned to Grow to help them build data dashboards and get visibility into every corner of their business.

“Grow is an integral part of our team,” says Palmer. “Because we’re able to see data from all of the apps we use—Shopify Plus, Google Analytics, Shipstation, Instagram, Facebook, etc.—it’s used by every department.”

With their dashboards, Spikeball can track every metric they need to manage the business, including all five of their Shopify stores. “One of our most important metrics is a rolling 52-week forecast,” Palmer explains. “With it, we know what sales need to be per sales channel per week at any given time of the year.” They can easily track progress towards their goals and slow down or ramp up production as needed.

For the Spikeball team, adding Grow has multiplied the power of each employee, because they can immediately visualize the data they need to make decisions. “Grow allows us to have more confidence in our data,” Palmer says. “It’s real time, so when we need to make a decision, we can.”

Expert Support

You don’t need an IT department to get quality reporting for your business. Grow’s data consultants get in the trenches with you to solve your unique problems and put your data to work. In the hands of experts, you will learn how to connect your data sources, set up your ecommerce dashboards, and share reports with your team. From beginning to end, you can rest assured that Grow’s support team will be there to make sure you get the greatest benefit possible from our products.

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