Easy-to-use business intelligence software to accelerate growth

Why Use an Executive Dashboard?

As a business executive, your team depends on you to help lead the company to success. For those who want to win, gathering departmental monthly reports isn’t sufficient. That approach can’t offer the level of transparency and insight that accelerates growth.

Grow’s custom executive dashboards and CEO dashboards are designed to provide the data and insight that you need to move fast—to catch problems just as they arise, find solutions sooner, and uncover opportunities for quick wins. Grow allows you to unite metrics and KPIs from all your data sources in a single dashboard in real time, so you can monitor the health of your organization as a whole.

Lead Better with an Executive Dashboard

It isn’t just getting the full bird’s eye perspective of the company that helps executives be better leaders. Here are a few other benefits that executive dashboards provide:

Increasing Accountability

Leaders often face the challenge of communicating expectations and evaluating the performance of their employees. With traditional reporting models, employees’ individual contributions to company-wide goals can be difficult to see or measure. As a result, misunderstandings and friction can easily arise, and leave leaders feeling like the “bad guy” during meetings.

Grow BI dashboards allow you to set goals based on data, which makes expectations tangible and improves employee accountability. It also allows leaders and employees to sit on the same side of the table and focus on solving problems shown in the data together.

Unifying Your Company Around Common Goals

As businesses grow, departments tend to become siloed, isolated, and focused on their own objectives. Executive dashboards promote openness and transparency between departments, and allow executives to unite the team around shared goals, so that everyone’s efforts are synchronized together. And because the interplay of departments is so visible, it’s much easier for the executive team to plot a course that benefits the entire organization together.

Always “In the Know”

Access your CEO or executive dashboard anytime, anywhere with Grow. Our cloud-based solution allows you to view your metrics on any device that can be connected to the internet, including TV wall displays, tablets, and smartphones via your web browser or our native apps for Android and iOS. Grow allows you to set your dashboard to automatically refresh as often as every five minutes, meaning that no matter where you access your data, it’s updated in real time. You can even schedule automated PDF reports to send daily via email.

With your data right at your fingertips, your executive team can focus on developing insightful strategies that will lead your organization to success.

A Tool Your Whole Team Can Use

Grow’s executive dashboards are robust enough for advanced users, but simple enough for the data novice. Grow is specifically designed for the non-analyst, and we are always looking for ways to make the platform easier to use. That means that, no matter the technical expertise of your team, everyone can create the dashboards and metrics that they need to get the job done right.

Import Data from Dozens of Sources

One of the things that sets Grow apart are our pre-built connections to more than 150 different sources—and we are constantly adding new ones. The following list includes just a few of our most popular types of integrations for executive teams:

Financial Data

Financial programs like Quickbooks Online, Xero, and banking accounts permit executives to track expenses and payments and handle payroll tasks. By connecting this financial data with your CRM, marketing platform, or HR software, you can gain new insight into your business and make better strategic decisions moving forward.

Databases and Servers

Tools for managing your business’s hardware and software, such as Oracle, MySQL, and others, contain a mountain of information. Grow allows users to display data from these tools alongside the rest their business data. With all of their information in one place, executives can dive into deep analyses of how each business strategy has worked and predict future trends.


Spreadsheets have been popular for good reason—they help users sort important data in an organized format. But they fall short when it comes to visualization, which is key to truly understanding and easily monitoring your performance. Grow pulls data from your spreadsheets and allows you to produce beautiful, easy-to-read charts. When you store your spreadsheets online, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, your dashboards can automatically refresh the connection to your spreadsheet, so you can be sure to have the most up-to-date data.

SaaS Applications

Each department has specific tools that automate tasks and processes and increase productivity. Whether it’s CRM, marketing automation, time tracking, software development, or customer support, each of these tools collects data that is critical to daily operations. Grow enables you to unite that data so you can visualize and analyze the many moving pieces that help your team succeed.