All your financial data, presented in a clear, easy-to-read financial dashboard

What is a financial dashboard?

For any business to succeed, executives and employees need to have a clear picture of the company’s financial health. As the business grows and the company starts pulling in financial data from a broad range of sources—banks, accounting suites, invoicing software, and HR solutions, just to name a few—the process of keeping track of all the money flowing in and out of the company can become overwhelmingly complex.
A financial dashboard is a software tool that financial professionals and executives can use to pull all of that data in and present it in a single, easy-to-read location. The best dashboards are customizable, so that financial workers can view the data that is most important and draw informed conclusions based on real data. A financial dashboard should update in real time to ensure that employees are working with the most current data to make informed predictions and business decisions.

How a Financial Dashboard Can Work for You

Your company’s finances are at the very heart of its success. With a financial dashboard from Grow, your team will have access to a more complete picture, allowing them to track the effectiveness of various tactics and initiatives you put into place. Grow’s solutions allow your team to pull data from an ever-growing number of sources, analyze them, and draw conclusions based on real data. It is fully customizable, so you can focus on the exact data you need, and you can pull those analyses into simple reports to present to both supervisors and your team.

Financial Data That’s Useful to Your Entire Team

Finances impact every level of your business. From your C-level executives down to the sales associates on your floor, everyone can benefit from different types of financial data. And with Grow, you can create customized dashboards that present specific data to team members in each role, meaning each employee only sees the information that is applicable to their position. They can then use that data to boost their awareness, grow their role, and achieve even better results moving forward.

Your company’s CEO is at the head of the business; that means that every decision reflects back on him or her. In order to steer your company in the right direction, your CEO needs to have access to all the information available, and that data needs to be current. Grow’s financial dashboard not only gathers all of this information into a single panel, it gives that data context. Your CEO can see how your company’s finances are affected by marketing initiatives, new sales techniques, external market forces, and more. With complete and up-to-date data, they can then make informed decisions on how to direct the company going forward.

The Chief Financial Officer’s job is centered around the company’s financial health. All the data coming in can be overwhelming, particularly when that data doesn’t always come with context attached. CFOs are tasked with making financial decisions that can impact the entire company, and have lasting effects. Grow can gather data from all of your financial tools and bring it together in a single panel, alongside other vital data on the company’s performance. With current data that is updated in real-time, alongside additional contextual data, your CFO will be better equipped to make the right financial decisions for your company.

You want the people in charge of your company’s finances to be equipped with the best, most recent data possible. With Grow, your accountants can view all of your company’s financial data in a single location. They can then use Grow to automatically generate reports that show exactly how the money is coming in at your company and exactly where it’s going.

Your company’s sales teams are in charge of bringing in revenue, and a Grow financial dashboard will allow them to track their performance. As the company tries different sales initiatives, your sales team can view its impact on sales compared to previous months and years, giving them a clearer picture of how to proceed in the future.

Compare Finances Month-Over-Month and Year-Over-Year

One of the best ways to determine how well your company is performing is to compare today’s numbers to those from the previous month, or even the same month of the previous year. Grow pulls in your financial data in real time and allows you to see previous and current data side by side with little hassle.

Compare and Cross-Analyze Data from Multiple Sources

Most organizations use more than just one financial tracking software. With data coming in from banking sites, accounting software, ecommerce suites, HR solutions, and more, it’s difficult to view all of your data in a single space. Grow not only allows you to bring in data from multiple data sources, but to run analyses across that data to draw informed conclusions about your business.

Track Your Business’s Financial Health

In order to make effective financial decisions, your sales team needs accurate, up-to-date information. Grow allows you to link dozens of sources together and populate an easy-to-read dashboard automatically. That way, when your teams are developing financial plans for your company, you can rest assured that they are using the most current data available.

Fully Customizable Financial Data

Grow can be customized to match the needs of each of your teams, or even for individuals within your teams. Your financial dashboards can be arranged just how you need them to display informative, graphical representations of your financial data. You can then export that data into reports that you can share with executives, investors, or other team members. With these reports, you can paint a clear picture of your company’s financial health and recognize needs that need to be addressed. Meanwhile, workers on other teams can arrange their dashboards to display different data that is more relevant to their work. Your financial workers only see the data and graphs that they need, so they can avoid distractions and focus on what’s most important to their jobs.

A Powerful Solution and the Experience to Back It Up

Grow offers more than just a powerful software solution. Along with our dashboards, you’ll have access to our team of data analysts and engineers. Our team members know all of the ins and outs of our platform, and the can take you through every part of the process. Whether you’re setting up your display, integrating new sources of data, or running analyses on the wealth of information you have gathered, these workers are there to make sure everything runs smoothly and deliver a positive experience.

Integrate with Dozens of Sources for More Complete Analysis

Grow can pull data from a wide range of different sources and present all of that information within a single tab. The number of sources that can integrate with Grow is in the dozens and growing every day. Here are a few of the most popular financial integrations we offer:


Quickbooks is one of the most popular accounting solutions available for SMBs. Meanwhile, Quickbooks Online takes that data and makes it readily available even when you’re not at your desktop. You can use it to manage your bills, accept payments from customers, handle your company’s payroll, and most other essential account jobs. The software keeps a record of all your transactions, which Grow imports into your dashboard for informed, real-time analysis.


Square is a combination of an app and a small piece of hardware that allows businesses to accept credit card payments using a smartphone or tablet. Grow imports that data into a visual format that allows your team to track day-to-day sales, as well as organize customer data.


Stripe is a software platform for online businesses. It helps businesses to accept online payments from their customers, regardless of location. With Grow, you can track those payments in real time and see where the payments are coming from, what the payments are for, and how much revenue is coming into your company.

banking apps

Grow integrates with several of the most popular banking apps from financial institutions like Wells Fargo, USAA, and Bank of America. Grow uses these integrations to track and analyze your company’s spending patterns.

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