Easy-to-use investor dashboards to accelerate growth

Why Use an Investor Dashboard?

If you’ve ever raised capital for your business—or even if you haven’t—you know that what investors really care about is data. Whether they’re evaluating a new or existing investment in your business, they will scrutinize your numbers.

For those who want to win (and we’re talking more than just funding), monthly departmental reports and complicated spreadsheets aren’t sufficient. That approach can’t offer the level of transparency and insight that accelerates growth.

Grow allows you to give board members and advisors access to real-time dashboards and build investor trust through data transparency. Grow investor dashboards are designed to provide the data and insight that you need to keep investors happy and move fast—to catch problems just as they arise, find solutions sooner, and uncover opportunities for quick wins.

Lead Better with an Investor Dashboard

The startup road is a risky road, there’s no doubt about that. But one of the best ways to mitigate risk and create success is to focus on your key metrics. By doing this, you can make sure you’re taking the actions that lead to real results, rather than getting distracted by vanity metrics or relying on guesswork.

When you’re focused on the metrics that matter, you’re also in a much stronger position to efficiently and effectively raise capital. With an investor dashboard, you can show investors right off the bat that you recognize your responsibility to create tangible value from their investments, as well as providing them with the data they need to rest easy.

How an Investor Dashboard Can Work for You

Instead of facing quarterly pressure to produce reports and visualizations from complicated spreadsheets for your board, let Grow do the heavy lifting. You only have to connect your data sources and build your metrics once, and then you’ll have an evergreen report that automatically stays updated. And with ongoing access to data, your board meetings can be more effective as you spend less time going over the latest numbers and more time solving problems and challenges.

Track KPIs in Real Time

Grow integrates with data sources you use throughout your organization, so you can see all your data in one place. As your numbers change, Grow automatically updates your investor dashboard to reflect the most current results. Not only does this help keep investors up-to-date on the state of your business, but it helps your team stay ahead of the game.

Always “In the Know”

Access your investor dashboard 24/7 with Grow. Our cloud-based solution allows you and your investors to view metrics on any device that can be connected to the internet, including TV displays, tablets, and smartphones via your web browser or our native apps for Android and iOS. Grow allows you to set your dashboard to automatically refresh as often as every five minutes, meaning that no matter where you access your data, it’s updated in real time. You can even schedule automated PDF reports to send daily via email.

Customized Data Reports

The visual presentation of an investor dashboard makes sharing data with your board of directors and advisors simple. Grow enables you to highlight exactly the information your investors need and deliver it in a way that is both easy to understand and visually impactful. If you’re also using Grow to manage your internal metrics, you’ll be able to easily dive into any department’s data at a moment’s notice.

Show the ROI

Proving ROI is key for your relationship with investors. With an investor dashboard, you can make ROI tangible and easy to see; you can show that you can take their investment and spin it into gold.

A Combination of Software and Experience

Grow is more than just a software application. When you work with Grow, you also have access to our team of data consultants who know our platform and integrations inside and out. They can guide you as you build your dashboards and get comfortable with the platform.

Backed by a Knowledgeable Team

When you work with Grow, you’ve got our whole team on your side. Grow data consultants who are familiar with all of our integrations and tools can help you create an investor dashboard that’s customized to your unique needs.

Easy to Use, Easy to Understand

Grow’s investor dashboards are the perfect tool for organizations that want a clear view of their business without investing weeks in specialized training. Its simple functionality allows users with any level of technical prowess to dive right in.

Data isn’t just numbers—it should tell a story. By uniting all of your data sources, you can get the full story of your business, and Grow’s sleek interface allows you to present your story with beautiful, clear visualizations that are easy to analyze and interpret.

Learn More!

No matter the size of your organization, Grow can provide you with crucial data and insight to maximize your results. From the sales floor to the C-suite, Grow delivers your vital data in an actionable visual format that empowers you to make the right calls to help your business thrive and get ROI for your investors.

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