Easy-to-use marketing dashboards to accelerate growth

Why Use a Marketing Dashboard?

Whether you’re an in-house marketing department or an agency managing marketing and advertising for your clients, it’s critical that you have access to data so you can make the right decisions, meet your objectives, and ensure your efforts are aligned with company goals.

Marketing dashboards unite scattered and siloed marketing data in a single window. This gives marketing leaders a complete view of their team’s activities, so they can be more data-driven and make insightful decisions based on real-time numbers.

Marketing Dashboard

Tools for Every Role

These days, it isn’t only the marketing leader’s job to track the data. Almost every marketing role directly influences several key metrics. As a result, it’s important that each marketing team member have access to the data that influences their daily decisions, and every role can reap the benefits of having their own marketing dashboard.

Marketing Executives

Marketing executives have to maintain a broad perspective of their marketing initiatives, from website traffic to content engagement to sales. Using a Grow marketing dashboard, they can get a complete view of the marketing funnel, and analyze how all marketing activities work together to create great results.

Digital Marketers

Data is critical to digital marketers as they develop and execute online marketing and advertising campaigns, optimize those campaigns to improve conversion rates, and ultimately deliver bigger ROI. Grow marketing dashboards make it easier to track and analyze the data to get better results quicker.

SEO Specialists

SEO specialists need to monitor which keywords draw the most traffic and how they can implement various content strategies to get more clicks. Grow allows them to view all of their metrics side by side so they can make informed decisions about how to deploy resources to improve search results.

Social Media Directors

Social media plays a key role in many companies’ advertising, marketing, and PR strategies. Those strategies often span multiple social media channels that serve varied purposes and audiences. Grow allows social media specialists to track engagement across all these platforms in a single location.

Content Creators

Content creators need to monitor what type of content delivers the best ROI, and which pieces fall short. With Grow, it’s easy to track which pieces are driving the most traffic or higher conversion rates, so content creators can tune future pieces to deliver the best results.

How a Marketing Dashboard Can Work for You

Marketing teams track dozens of interplaying metrics. Grow’s marketing dashboards allow marketers to see how all the moving pieces work together and target the metrics that matter most, so they can make more impactful decisions.

Track KPIs in Real Time

Grow integrates with the tools in your marketing stack so you can see all your data in one place. As your numbers change, Grow automatically updates your comprehensive marketing metrics dashboard to reflect the most current results. That way, your team can respond to new information as soon it arrives, and you can stay ahead of the game.

A Clear View of the Entire Funnel

Grow gives you a clear perspective on your company’s entire sales funnel. Your team can look at each step of the process, from lead acquisition to post-sale nurturing and upsells. You can drill into each step of the funnel, or take a step back and analyze the process as a whole so you know where to target your efforts.

Keep Track of ROI

Proving ROI is a key objective for marketers. With a marketing dashboard, you can track the ROI of individual campaigns or marketing efforts as a whole. By tracking and analyzing the impact of each activity, marketers can make smarter investments of their resources and even justify a larger marketing budget.


Customized Data Reports

The visual presentation of a marketing dashboard makes sharing and explaining marketing results to clients, executive teams, and your board of directors simple. With Grow, you can create a special template for each audience that enables you to craft a story with the data that is specific to their needs and interests. Instead of wading through vast amounts of irrelevant data, you can use a marketing reporting dashboard to highlight exactly the information you need, and deliver it in a way that is both easy to understand and visually impactful.

A Combination of Software and Experience

Grow is more than just a software application. When you work with Grow, you also have access to our team of data analysts who know our platform and integrations inside and out. They can guide you as you build your business intelligence dashboards and get comfortable with the platform. Our goal is to offer you the best experience possible, from start to finish—that includes not just the platform, but your interactions with our team as well.

real time updates

Visualize Data from Dozens of Sources

Grow integrates with dozens of different data-gathering tools that marketers use every day, and we are regularly adding more! Here’s a small sample of some of our most popular integrations for marketers:

google analytics

Google Analytics allows you to analyze customer behavior and experience on your organization’s website. With Grow, you can build customized Google Analytics reports and your marketing analytics dashboard will update automatically as new data comes in.


Facebook is one of the most popular forms of social media, allowing organizations to connect with people all over the world. By analyzing your data from Facebook and your other social media accounts, you can make strategic decisions about how your company can get the most from your Facebook community.


Instagram makes it easy for your brand to connect with your audience . With Grow’s dashboard, you can track which posts are delivering the highest impact.

facebook ads

Facebook Ads lets you observe how your ads are performing and make adjustments to improve your results. With Grow, you can view this data alongside other tools you are using for online advertising to compare results and decide how to improve their effectiveness.


With YouTube, organizations can easily share videos with potential customers and grow their audience. By integrating this data into a Grow dashboard and viewing it alongside other social media accounts where they also promote the same videos, marketers can see which videos and platforms are performing well, as well as track changes in channel views, subscribers, and more.

Google AdWords

Google Adwords allows marketers to get their company in front of people who are searching for it. With Google Adwords and Grow, you can keep track of your advertising budget, adjust your strategies to boost your CPC, and make informed decisions in real time.

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