You need to prove performance.

Every marketer knows that proving ROI is crucial. It determines budgets and inspires confidence from executive teams in your abilities to use resources effectively and add value to the business.

Wrangling your data is difficult.

But your data is siloed, making it complicated to tell the complete story of marketing’s impact on the business. Instead, you’re left with half the story and some educated guessing.

What if your ROI reports were on hand all the time though?

Combining your marketing data in Grow is simple.

While you create your custom marketing dashboard in Grow, you’ll be able to combine data from multiple sources like your CRM, marketing automation tool, and even spreadsheets.

With Grow, you’ll always have the answers and the power to speak with confidence.

Benefits of a Marketing Dashboard

  • Every role assigned performance metrics
  • Monitor campaign performance up-to-the-minute
  • Catch problems quickly and capitalize on successes  
  • Customized reporting to match company definitions

Commonly Tracked on Marketing Dashboards

  • Funnel conversions
  • Lead behavior
  • Channel performance
  • Campaign spend

More than just dashboards.
Get simple BI.

Grow is simple business intelligence (BI) created specifically for growth-focused organizations. Offering all the dashboards, reports, analytics, and unique insights you expect from traditional BI without the cost and technical resources normally required. Grow is on a mission to help growing companies win with data.

Grow’s Smart Builder includes features like automatic key values and date recognition, while tools like Datasets and the Data Explorer let data-savy users do all the heavy data prep once to create custom metrics that every team can use.

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