Clients want transparency.

You need to be able to prove ROI and performance for every client. They need to be able to clearly see that you are giving them what they need and increasing their company performance.

Quality reports take time.

Your ability to provide insightful reports can place a cap on how many clients you can handle, and in turn your company growth. What if you were able to create a client dashboard once though, and then reuse it for every client?

Do more with less using Grow.

When you build a branded dashboard with Grow, you’ll be able to reuse metric definitions across customers, so you will only have to perform minor tweaks. Plus, dashboards update automatically so you never have to spend time pulling another report. You’ll be able to handle more clients and grow like never before.

Benefits of a Branded Dashboard

  • Monitor trends at a glance
  • Find pain points and stop them quickly
  • Communicate performance openly

Commonly Tracked on a Branded Dashboard

  • Site performance metrics
  • SEO rankings
  • Conversion rates

More than just dashboards.
Get simple BI.

Grow is simple business intelligence (BI) created specifically for growth-focused organizations. Offering all the dashboards, reports, analytics, and unique insights you expect from traditional BI without the cost and technical resources normally required. Grow is on a mission to help growing companies win with data.

Grow’s Smart Builder includes features like automatic key values and date recognition, while tools like Datasets and the Data Explorer let data-savy users do all the heavy data prep once to create custom metrics that every team can use.

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