Share data with your clients using your company’s branding in a fully-customizable white label dashboard

What Is a White Label Dashboard?

White label dashboards are part of a software solution that gathers data for agencies that need to report their results to clients on a regular basis. The dashboard pulls the data in from a number of different sources your company (and your clients) uses to track performance, results, and other metrics. Essentially, these are the numbers that show your clients exactly what you are doing to help their business. With a dashboard, you can ditch spreadsheets and present the results in an easy-to-understand, visual format.

What Can a White Label Dashboard Do to Help You?

When you are reporting large amounts of data from so many sources, it can become a bit unwieldy—especially if you’re manually producing weekly, biweekly, or monthly client reports. White label dashboards simplify the client reporting process to save your team hours of work. Just connect the data sources once, and they’ll stay updated automatically.

Once the data is connected to the dashboard, you can easily arrange and format it in a way that makes it easy for your clients to see and understand exactly how your services are impacting their business.

Share Data With Your Clients in Real Time

While you will still have regular meetings with your clients to discuss strategies and results, with a white label dashboard, your customers will have the ability to check the numbers any time they need. Grow integrates with dozens of different applications that provide crucial data, and it updates the results as the arrive. This means your clients always have accurate numbers at their fingertips.

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Your Data, Your Branding

Even though you are pulling data from a variety of third-party applications, you need to be able to present those numbers to your clients under a single, unified brand. A white label dashboard allows you to customize exactly what data is shown, and arrange and format it to match the other reports and content you share with your client for a more professional look and cohesive brand experience.

Customize Your Data With a Variety of Integrations

Grow has dozens of integrations, and that number is constantly growing. Here are just a few of the tools Grow can connect with to help you better serve your customers.

google analytics

Google Analytics helps you to track traffic to your clients’ websites. You can see how many viewers are visiting the site, how long they’re staying, which content they’re viewing, and more. As you observe user behavior, you can learn how to adjust your site in such a way that those users will further engage with the client and even decide to buy from them. You can observe where most of your traffic is coming from, see how users are engaging with your client’s site, and look for correlations between your team’s efforts and improved customer engagement.

Google AdWords

By integrating with Google AdWords, Grow can show you how your paid search efforts with Google are performing, and how you can further optimize those efforts. As you better learn how your client’s customers are engaging with these ads, you can hone the ads you create to bring in even better results.

facebook ads

Facebook has clearly established itself as an effective platform for engaging with a customer base, and it allows businesses to target their advertising to very specific demographics. Grow helps those businesses to track the ways potential customers engage with the ads they are shown so that they can evolve their campaigns to better suit the customers. You can use Grow to bring those results into your one-stop dashboard so that your clients have all the information they need at their fingertips.

social media platforms

Social media has found its way into the heart of marketing efforts, but each demographic has specific social media platforms that they engage with more than others. Grow allows you and your client to keep a close eye on all of your social media efforts in a single window. Whether your client is reaching out to potential customers via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or one of the many other platforms available, you can pull that data in and easily compare them all, side by side.

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