The Grow Difference


higher profits

Companies using analytics have 126% profit improvement over competitors. 

— McKinsey


more revenue

Organizations actively using data have 50% higher revenue growth than those who aren’t. 

— Dell Global Technology
Adoption Index


average ROI

Investments in analytic solutions returned $13.01 for every dollar spent on average.

— Nucleus Research


more use

Top-performing organizations use analytics 5x more than bottom performers.

— MIT Sloan Management Review

The Only BI Solution for Growing Companies

Business intelligence solutions can deliver huge ROI, but most BI solutions fail, especially for growing companies.

For most, enterprise BI is overly complex and requires too many resources to implement and maintain. On the other hand, do-it-yourself BI lacks flexibility and can’t provide the level of insight a growing business needs.

Grow fits where others fail. It’s the only tool designed with growing companies in mind. It’s simple enough for the non-analyst to use and robust enough to provide enterprise-quality insights.

Only Grow meets all 5 criteria required for a successful BI outcome. Here’s how:



  • Dedicated onboarding services with a data expert
  • 8x faster implementation than competitors
  • No technical resources needed (IT, developers, analysts)
  • Easy-to-use data editor for quick slicing and dicing
  • 300+ pre-built metrics that you can add to your BI dashboard in one click


  • Cloud-based platform gives you anytime, anywhere access
  • Unlimited users provides your whole team with access to role-specific dashboards
  • “Always on” dashboards can be displayed on all types of screens: wallboard, TVs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Automatic refresh gives you access to real-time data


  • With the power to create blended metrics, you can create insights that are unique to your business and provide you with a competitive edge
  • Increased access to data sparks conversations between individuals and teams that inspire new ideas and solutions
  • Real-time data helps problems surface sooner so you can solve them faster—no surprises in end-of-month reports


  • Productivity gains and alignment recoup your investment in the first month of use
  • Grow offers more value at a fraction of the cost of enterprise solutions
  • Resources like Grow U help you get more and better use out of your data (and increase your ROI)


  • Set your dashboard to automatically refresh your data as often as you like
  • Connect directly to your data sources—no warehouse “middleman” required
  • Schedule automated PDF reports for important metrics or dashboards