How Can No-Code BI Tools Help Set Your Year For Success?

Kick off a Productive Year with No-Code BI Tools

1. Capture your Market’s Momentum 

Gartner predicts that the analytics and BI software market will more than double in size by 2025, reaching a value of $13 billion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16% from 2020.

BI and data analytics tools are still going strong because of factors like the spread of the pandemic, more affordable pricing models, cloud-based services, and low-code or no-code BI tools. Dashboards and descriptive reports are still the most critical parts of BI and data analytics software. Still, advanced features like connecting to various data sources, interactive visualizations, and self-service data preparation are becoming increasingly important.

Connect, store, and combine data from SQL databases and hundreds of data sources. Grow can handle millions or even billions of rows of data. Interactive visualizations and seamless reporting are part of our no-code Business Intelligence software

2. Easy Access To Marketing Data, Patterns, and Trends 

While Business Intelligence is all about making sense of your organizational data for analytical insights, marketing data covers your customers' demographics, preferences, and purchase history. 

Together these two types of information work like two sides of the same coin: Grow's no-code Business Intelligence tools give marketers access to their customer's preferences based on past purchases or behavior patterns. At the same time, these tools pull Marketing Data from various sources that enable companies to refine those preferences. This is possible by building custom audiences that reflect their needs more accurately than traditional methods can alone do. 

The Feel Good Lab tracks customer activity on its site with the help of an analytics dashboard to better tailor its marketing efforts.

3. Cost Optimization

In the manufacturing industry, for example, a manufacturer can look at the stock and figure out-

 ✓ how much is left, 

 ✓ how much to order, and 

 ✓ when to order 

so that nothing goes to waste. 

This helps save significantly on cost. Also, the right no-code Business Intelligence lets them access and collect the data they need without any technical knowledge, which allows them to discover the reasons for high production costs.

Even from here, your success is in the dashboarding and reporting of your BI tool. 

Whether a rise in CAC or a drop in Reorder Rate, The Feel Good Lab's eCommerce dashboard by Grow gives users the details they need to figure out what's happening.

4. Automate Recurring Tasks 

Since 85% of data is unstructured, a business needs to automate its workflow to save time and make fewer mistakes.

70% of business leaders say that out of an 8-hour workday; they spend 45 minutes to 3 hours on repetitive tasks.

Imagine the amount of time saved!

No-code BI tools can help reduce the need for IT support by allowing anyone in the organization to access data and reports whenever needed without relying on someone else's expertise.  

Grow automates and schedules easy shareability of PDF reports for three intervals: daily, weekly, or monthly.

5. Real-Time Insights 

McKinsey Global Institute predicts that data-driven organizations are not only 23 times more likely to get new customers but also six times more likely to keep customers and 19 times more likely to secure profitability. 

Now, better understand your customers with Grow's at-a-glance dashboard and keep your customers coming back for more. Access all the information needed for making decisions without going back and forth between multiple reports or spreadsheets.  

Wrapping up-

Snap data analysis into your existing workflows.

Grow’s ETL and Data Prepration helps extract data from multiple sources, including:

  • Databases like SQL Server, Oracle, etc.;
  • CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, and many more; and
  • Third-party systems like Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

We'll help you connect to your data in minutes with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for anyone on your team to create their own dashboards and reports in no time at all. Then use our visualizations to analyze the available information – whether that means exploring trends over time or understanding how certain events affected customer behavior over specific periods.

Once you've created custom visualizations, share insights with everyone else, so they know exactly what's going on within their organization!

Found the perfect recipe for BI success?

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