Grow Ranks Top 30 in HubSpot's App Marketplace and Here's Why

How to Use and HubSpot for Custom Business Intelligence Reporting

Data plays a key role in how we operate businesses, companies, and marketing teams, and the ways that organizations use their data becomes more complex with each new system or platform. Data is diverse and wide-ranging, companies collect customer data, sales data, and revenue reporting from a variety of sources. With all of that information out there, how to easily see data in one spot to make data-driven decisions?

Grow seamlessly combines data from multiple sources across your company into one easy-to-use platform, similarly to how HubSpot aggregates contact activities into a singular timeline. It works to combine data integrations, data warehousing, and visualization all in one location for companies, analysts, and teams to make well-informed decisions that affect their company’s growth in real time.

When Grow is combined with HubSpot’s CRM, shared data can be incorporated via automation into workflows, contact lists, and deals, generating analytics that provide you with detailed marketing performance data. This partnership eliminates the need for you and your team to manually gather and organize your data and instead allows you to have a total view of your data in one spot.

Here’s how marketing and sales teams, data analysts, operations managers, and e-commerce teams within SMBs and enterprise orgs, and various agencies that offer client reporting can make use of Grow’s Integration with HubSpot to get an in-depth look at their company’s data. 

Why You Need to Add a Full-stack Business Intelligence Platform Integration to Your HubSpot CRM 

Grow and HubSpot users can easily pull HubSpot data into Grow to build automated reports, metrics, and dashboards that are then joined with your data from other sources such as Google Analytics, Quickbooks, your SQL database, and 150+ other possible connectors. With Grow’s no-code business intelligence (BI) tools, teams can access a full-stack platform that enables decision-making and workflows that are based on real-time, aggregated data.  

How a No-code Business Intelligence Platform Helps Visualize Company Data and Surface Actionable Analytics

Grow does the hard work of keeping an active focus on the health of your company by funneling all of your business data into one location. Integrated with HubSpot’s CRM, you are able to view your data easily and quickly — such as viewing customer and billing data together to further understand your revenue activity, and which marketing activities have made a meaningful impact. 

Here are a few ways that Grow and HubSpot can help your business make better and quicker decisions for the overall operation and future of your company.

Connect your Data Across Platforms

The HubSpot Marketing tool includes all of the features you need to generate leads. When lead data is connected to Grow in addition to Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other marketing spend data,  you can discover true MQL acquisition costs as well as ROI trends. 

Gain Clarity with One Business Intelligence Dashboard

All of your data can be easily tracked and viewed in one business intelligence dashboard with Grow. Achieve business clarity just that extra bit faster by being able to view all of your data in a clear and easy to navigate dashboard. Using Grow and HubSpot, you can really dig into the current happenings of your business and see forecasts for the future based on all of the data available.

Unlimited User Licenses

Your business’s data doesn’t have to be restricted to a handful of people within the company now that it is all available in one location. Grow’s unlimited user licenses afford everyone access to the answers within the data, including in-house team members, clients, or investors. The marketing and sales team can access revenue tracking while the operations manager can look at the latest analytics across the board.

3 Ways to Use Grow’s Data Insights with the Hubspot CRM to Make Faster and Smarter Business Decisions

85% of organizations view data as one of the most valuable assets to their business. Data management (including collecting, storing, and processing data) is becoming more important than ever. To make data management as streamlined and simple as possible, platforms like Grow are there to step in.

With as much data that ties into any single business out there, getting it all into one location can be key to helping teams of all sizes make the best decisions possible. Effective data management and the ability to view it easily can reduce the time needed to collect, organize, and comb through the data — giving you more time to interact with your data on an individual and company wide level and eliminating silos between teams.

Here are three ways that the Grow integration with the HubSpot CRM will allow you to make strategic and data-backed decisions.

  1. Create a single source of revenue truth with your data.

Customers are using this integration to join CRM data from HubSpot with their other business data such as billing or marketing (Quickbooks, Shopify, Google Ads, etc.) to explore true customer-revenue activity. You can build out metrics and KPIs through the HubSpot CRM that allow you to view deals sold, deals by deal stage, and more.

HubSpot data in conjunction with the data from your other business tools empowers you to track sales performance by rep, product, lead source, and much more! Having data from multiple sources all pumped into one platform creates a single source of truth for your entire company —  giving you and your team the ability to make well-informed decisions based off of the most recent data.

  1. View your data or client data in visually stunning, custom dashboards.

With Grow, you can build beautiful dashboards and visualizations from your HubSpot data. Customers frequently use custom branded colors, logos, goals, and notes with their data visualizations. 

Keep the look of your dashboards on-brand and unique to your business. Agencies tend to  build a custom branded dashboard unique to each of their reporting clients, helping to distinguish each client and match their individual brands. Grow customers have some of the best looking data visualizations out there.

  1. Share your data through automated reports to all team members.

Connect your HubSpot data and easily setup automated reports in Grow that can be deployed via email, Slack, TV-mode, Grow's mobile app, shareable URLs, and more. Share important data points such as MQLs, conversion rates, and future forecasts seamlessly across devices.

Customers who use Grow through Hubspot’s CRM are collaborating around the data and insights they discover, making better decisions after sharing their dashboards with their peers, partners, and leadership teams. Custom business logic can be added in and datasets can easily be published or shared with internal team members to allow them to create their own KPIs.

The Grow Integration with HubSpot increases the effectiveness of your data management and enables quick and data-driven decisions across all departments. 

“We are able to connect lots of data sources and conduct rapid development and prototyping, and can build simple to complex reports. It scales with your skill level and doesn’t require a data warehouse — great design. It’s simple and accessible business intelligence,” says Lee Booy, a satisfied HubSpot and Grow user in the media production industry. 

Join the 500+ different teams and businesses making accurate decisions based on all of their important data using the Grow Integration with HubSpot.

About the author

Katherine Boyarsky is the cofounder of CXD Studio, a creative content marketing agency. She is also a registered nurse and resides in the Boston area.

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