Data Drowning Your Creativity? Rescue It with One Easy Tool

We at Grow love marketing—data runs in our veins, and marketing is loaded with it.

But for many business leaders and marketers, data is more of a curse than a blessing.

With the quantity and complexity of the data marketers have to deal with, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. How are you supposed to do meaningful creative work when you’re juggling metrics for every point in your funnel and trying to wrangle quality reports for management? And how can you possibly expect to execute an agile marketing strategy from the middle of a data quagmire?

It shouldn’t be that way. Data should empower your work, not overtake it. These days, data isn’t about just getting an edge over the competition: It’s absolutely essential for a successful marketing team. Without data, your approach is “spray-and-pray” at best. So what if your data is causing more problems than it’s solving?

To excel at agile marketing, your data should be transparent and accessible, tell a story, and empower you to make real-time decisions. This means tracking crucial marketing KPIs, integrating varied data sources, and displaying easy-to-understand visualizations in a unified marketing dashboard. (Okay, we’re a little biased on that last part.)

Grow data dashboards make all of these things possible and turn data into an effortless, intuitive tool. They also make you a better and agiler marketer. Consider this:


Silos are the archenemy of agile marketing and for good reason: Even a smart, data-based decision will be sapped of power and potential while waiting for yet another managerial sign-off.

On the other hand, when data is transparent, your team can unify their efforts to meet shared goals. Individuals—not the hierarchy of managers—become decision makers as they track personal key performance indicators to measure their own success and contribute to the team objectives. We call that an all-around win.


You likely don’t want your team to spend half the day following and interpreting stats and spreadsheets any more than they would want to do it. But you shouldn’t have to be a data scientist (or hire a team of them) to get big value from your data.

Clear visualizations with Grow dashboards allow you to catch up on new developments at a glance. Charts, graphs, and tables show off success over time, but one of the most helpful features is the key value: It pairs the current value with the growth percentage over time. The business intelligence dashboard can tell you that email opens are up by 62% and that your website bounce is down by 17%. There’s no need to calculate. Insight doesn’t get more instantaneous than that.


Your numbers aren’t just numbers: they’re people. But that can be easy to forget when ten data sources are drowning you in stats. Analytics dashboards show the story so you can concentrate on customer needs instead of trying to read ten cups of tea leaves. And you get customer insights, not headaches.

Grow dashboards also let you show rather than tell when meeting with management and clients. No cobbled-together monthly summaries. No sifting through documents to find the one stat you need to answer a question. You can be confident because your data isn’t foreign to you—it’s been with you every step of the way.

To really level-up client conversations, Grow’s white label service simplifies the reporting process and allows you to prove your success with compelling visual metrics and a custom client portal. Believe us, they’ll be impressed. (It’s okay, we want you to take the credit.)


Renee Yeager of Yeager Marketing said, “Marketing used to be an educated guessing game based on experience and instinct, but advances in tools and technology now empower us to profile and predict behaviors about prospects in real time.”

When you know how your customers are engaging with your ads and content right now, it’s much easier to guess their next steps. As the data updates in real-time, you have a rolling resource of marketing and business intelligence across channels.


It’s been said that “no plan survives” when it comes into contact with reality, and this could not be more true with marketing. Amid followers, likes, comments, and trends, the conversations surrounding your brand can change in an instant. That can be intimidating, but with an agile marketing approach, you don’t have to miss a ripe opportunity—and data can help you recognize it.

As such, time is a critical factor for effective decision making, and if you wait until the end of the month to check up on your data, it could be too late to turn the ship around. Up-to-date data allows you to fine-tune your processes along the way. When you have real-time data at your fingertips, you can make informed, real-time decisions and see real-time results.

Truly Agile

There’s a lot more to agile marketing than just data, but data analytics dashboards support and enhance each step of your process. And all the while, Grow dashboards save you from sacrificing time, energy, and creativity on the data altar.

So go create, and let us handle the numbers.

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