Grow and Shopify Plus Team Up to Empower Ecommerce

Grow and Shopify Plus

We’ve got exciting news for ecommerce business leaders: Grow and Shopify Plus have joined forces! Shopify Plus merchants using Grow now have a simple yet powerful solution to help you make the most of your data.

Shopify Plus is an enterprise ecommerce platform for high-volume and fast-growing merchants. With Plus, companies can manage stores across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile, social media, marketplaces, and brick-and-mortar locations. Shopify Plus helps businesses grow faster at a fraction of the usual enterprise costs.

Understanding how current and potential customers interact with your online store is a powerful way to increase sales. At Grow, helping companies track, understand, and leverage their ecommerce and other data is our specialty.

Combining forces with Shopify Plus made sense, we’re thrilled to be a member of their Technology Partner Program. The partnership gives Plus merchants using Grow access to many pre-built Plus metrics so you can quickly create powerful reports by tracking metrics like:

  • Revenue Year-to-Date
  • Percent of Orders by State
  • New vs. Returning Customers
  • Average Order Value – Last 30 Days
  • Value and Number of Sales Today
  • Sales Month-to-Date
  • Most Popular Items Sold
  • Number of Subscriptions
  • Churn Rate by Cohort
  • Re-Order Rate – Last 30 Days
Shopify Plus analytics dashboard

That’s not all we do for Plus merchants using Grow. We automate reporting by combining your Bronto, Mixpanel, Netsuite, Google Analytics and other data so you can discover important insights. And our expert ecommerce on-boarding team handles all implementation for Plus merchants. This team understands the nuts and bolts of the Shopify platform, and are eager to help every Plus merchant start leveraging your data to increase sales.

“Allowing Shopify Plus merchants to blend ecommerce insights with data from Google Analytics, Quickbooks, Facebook, Excel and many other core business apps will truly establish a data-driven culture and accelerate growth. In working closely with Grow, Shopify Plus will push and expand the experimentation and innovation capabilities of today’s modernized online vendor.”

– Rob Nelson, Grow Founder and CEO

A Grow and Shopify Plus partnership means that understanding all your data, including your Plus data, just got that much easier.

Learn more about the benefits Grow offers Shopify Plus merchants!

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