What is Data Discovery & Why it Matters?

Only 16% of companies characterize the data they are using as “very good.”

Suppose a leading e-commerce platform struggles to understand its diverse customer base's evolving preferences and behaviors. Traditional methods of customer segmentation based on basic demographic information and transaction history are no longer sufficient to meet customer expectations for personalized experiences.

Solution: Data Discovery for Deep Customer Insights

Using data discovery techniques, the e-commerce platform analyzes extensive customer data, including clickstream data, browsing history, purchase patterns, product reviews, and social media interactions. This comprehensive data discovery process helps uncover previously unknown correlations, trends, and customer preferences, providing a deeper understanding of individual customer needs and preferences.

What exactly is Data Discovery?

Data discovery is the initial phase of the data analysis process, where organizations explore their data sources to comprehensively understand what data is available and how it can be utilized. By employing effective data discovery techniques, businesses can identify valuable data assets and ensure their quality and relevance for analysis.

During data discovery, businesses leverage various tools for exploration and visualization, allowing them to uncover patterns, trends, and relationships within the data. A business analytics tool facilitates interactive data exploration, making it easier to identify outliers, spot anomalies, and discover hidden insights that might not be apparent at first glance.  

Why Data Discovery Matters?

  1. Enhanced Decision-making: 

14 percent of C-suite respondents to a Mckinsey survey claim to spend more than 70 percent of their time making choices. However, many respondents claim that this time was not well used, and that this inefficiency is a costly issue.

Data discovery empowers organizations to make more informed and strategic decisions. When combined with real-time data processing capabilities, data discovery allows organizations to make decisions based on up-to-date information. In this way, Business analytics tools such as Grow, facilitate data discovery and enable users to identify trends, outliers, and potential risks, enabling data-driven decision-making, saying goodbye to inefficiencies. 

2. Improved Data Quality: 

Data quality is critical for reliable analyses. By ensuring data accuracy and reliability, organizations can make confident decisions based on trustworthy insights. Data discovery using the leading business analytics solutions aids in identifying and resolving data quality issues, such as missing values, inconsistencies, and duplicates. 

During data discovery, organizations analyze and compare data from different sources, systems, or departments with the help of tools for business analytics. This process often reveals inconsistencies in data formats, values, or definitions. For instance, suppose a retail company merges data from multiple point-of-sale systems. In that case, data discovery may uncover variations in product codes, customer identifiers, or pricing structures.

3. Efficient Data Governance: 

Effective data governance is crucial for organizations to manage their data assets seamlessly. Data discovery supports data governance practices by providing insights into data lineage, access, and usage. This is how it helps organizations understand the source and flow of data, ensuring compliance with regulations and facilitating data privacy and security. 

Data discovery provides organizations with insights into the lineage of their data, allowing them to understand its origin, transformations, and movement across systems. Grow’s BI tool combines data discovery with data governance practices, so that organizations can enrich their data catalog with metadata, including data descriptions, data source information, and data usage policies. It enables efficient data search, discovery, and utilization, improving collaboration and reducing redundant data silos. This only possible using modern business analytics solutions

4. Risk Mitigation and Compliance: 

Data discovery plays a vital role in identifying potential risks and ensuring regulation compliance. By analyzing data for anomalies and patterns, organizations can detect fraudulent activities, mitigate risks, and enhance fraud prevention measures. 

Grow's data analytics tools leverage advanced data visualization techniques, such as interactive charts, graphs, and dashboards, to transform complex data sets into visual representations that are easy to understand. This enables fraud investigators and analysts to quickly identify anomalies, outliers, and suspicious patterns that may indicate fraudulent activities.

Our tools for business analytics provide collaborative features and workflow management capabilities that streamline fraud investigation processes. These tools enable fraud investigators and analysts to collaborate, share insights, document findings, and track the progress of investigations, ensuring a coordinated and efficient approach to fraud prevention. 

5. Agile Culture: 

By promoting data exploration, organizations encourage employees to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and seek evidence-based answers. This culture shift enables faster decision-making with tools for business analytics, reduces reliance on intuition, and encourages continuous learning and improvement. 

An agile culture, coupled with data discovery, enables organizations to stay nimble and adapt to emerging trends. For instance, a retail company leveraging data discovery tools might monitor real-time sales data and identify shifts in customer preferences. This agile approach allows them to quickly adjust their product offerings, marketing campaigns, and inventory management strategies to meet evolving customer demands.


Experience the Grow Difference

Rather than randomly trying out different customer-enticing strategies, businesses can discover what works and double down on it with the help of data. Using our business analytics tool for data discovery, even the most casual business users may access big data insights and use them to guide their daily operations.

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