What Your BI Tools Aren't Communicating

Understanding what is Business Intelligence- is crucial in today's data-driven world. However, there's more to the story than what your working BI platforms are showing. Let's uncover the hidden layers beyond the data.

What Your BI Tools Might Be Missing

1. Subtleties in Data Trends 

Firstly, it's about the story behind the numbers. Consider this: a study by Gartner revealed that only 20% of analytic insights will deliver business outcomes. Your working BI might show a 30% increase in quarterly sales, but what’s missing is why. Was it a market trend, or a new product launch? Such nuances are crucial for strategic planning.

How Grow helps: One of Grow's key features apart from advanced data visualizations, is its ability to drill down into data. This means users can click through from high-level overviews to more granular details. This capability is crucial for uncovering the stories behind the numbers, allowing users to explore the factors driving a particular trend.

2. Predictive Analysis Gaps 

Next, consider the future. While historical data analysis is a strength of most Business Intelligence platforms, a study states that predictive analytics is underutilized, with less than 23% of businesses using it effectively. This gap in your working BI can mean missing out on forecasting market changes or customer needs. 

How Grow helps: Grow software’s strength lies in its ability to aggregate data from multiple sources into a unified view. This comprehensive data integration is critical for predictive analytics, as it ensures that all relevant data points are considered in the modeling process.

3. Contextual Understanding

Data doesn't exist in a vacuum. Numbers need context. It's reported that 73% of data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics. High customer satisfaction scores are great, but without understanding the 'why,' you might miss crucial insights. Your Business Intelligence platform needs to dig deeper than surface-level data.

How Grow helps: Grow offers a wide range of data visualization options, allowing users to present their data in formats that best reveal underlying patterns and relationships. Customizable dashboards enable users to tailor their data views, emphasizing the context around the numbers. This customization is crucial for understanding not just what is happening, but why it's happening.

4. Data Source Limitations 

Also, think about where your data comes from. BI tools work with the data they're given. If certain data sets are missing, insights can be skewed. If your BI tool is only as good as its data sources, understanding these limitations is crucial for a holistic view.

How Grow Helps: Beyond pre-built connectors, Grow allows for custom data integrations. This means that even if a business uses a proprietary system or a less common data source, Grow's platform can be tailored to bring this data into the BI environment. This flexibility ensures that businesses are not limited by the nature of their data sources.

5. The Human Element

Lastly, remember the human factor. BI tools provide data, but they can't replicate human intuition and judgment. While your Business Intelligence platforms can crunch numbers, they can't replicate human insight. Balancing data-driven insights with human experience leads to more robust business strategies.

How Grow helps: Grow BI understands the importance of the human element in data analysis. By providing interactive dashboards and collaborative features, Grow enables teams to apply human insight to data-driven findings, fostering a balanced approach to business strategy development.

Advanced BI Strategies and Tools

Integrating AI and Machine Learning

The integration of AI and Machine Learning into Business Intelligence platforms marks a significant advancement in the field. These technologies enable deeper insights, uncovering patterns and predictions that traditional BI tools might miss.

Custom BI Solutions

Sometimes, the one-size-fits-all approach of standard Business Intelligence platforms isn't enough. Custom BI solutions, tailored to the specific needs and challenges of a business, can be a game-changer, offering more precise and relevant insights.

Read Our Blog: Grow: The BI Solution for Any Business

As we delve into the many ways Grow addresses the common pitfalls of traditional BI tools, the proof of its impact lies in the voices of those who use it. Check "Grow Reviews 2024" to explore.


As we have seen, while Business Intelligence platforms are indispensable tools in the modern business arsenal, they are not without their limitations. By being aware of these limitations and exploring advanced strategies, businesses can ensure that their "working BI" is as effective and insightful as possible.

Are you leveraging the full potential of your Business Intelligence platform? Contact Grow.com for a 14-day free personalized demo and assessment and discover how you can transform your data into a powerhouse of actionable insights.

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