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Since 2009, Real Thread has been an innovator in the apparel screen printing industry. Specializing in super soft printed t-shirts, Real Thread offers a wide range of high-quality customizable apparel products while also delivering a top-notch customer experience.

Dru Dalton CEO Real Thread

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Limping Through the Data

For Real Thread, the logistics behind acquiring materials, creating each custom product, and shipping that product to customers of all shapes and sizes can lead to a data overload. According to CEO Dru Dalton, “Our business intelligence software prior to Grow couldn’t do calculations for us, so we were very limited in the numbers we could show in real time.”

“Prior to Grow… we were very limited in the numbers we could show in real-time.”

Before Grow, not only was Real Thread unable to customize the data they wanted, the software was difficult to use and even harder to gain insight from. “The data wasn’t company-wide as it is now,” Dalton says, “and the dashboards were too difficult to build and metrics not deep enough to be relevant to all teams.”

“Overall,” Dalton says, “we lacked the visibility and insight into the core metrics which I knew were most important for our team to keep top-of- mind.”

Answering Important Questions

Knowing that Real Thread couldn’t progress without customizable data visualization, they switched to Grow. Dalton remembers there was an immediate impact: “Grow has allowed us to see what our on-time percentage is, our fully-fulfilled percentage, NPS score, showing what orders are late, and how much is yet to be done today in order to stay on-time—and those are just a few of the things we’re now able to track.”

Ease, Efficiency, and Success

“Building metrics is much easier.”

“With Grow, I can easily do data calculations,” says Dalton. With these tools, Real Thread can find the truly valuable insights that only data can deliver. In addition to having more knowledge in his hands, “Building metrics is much easier, so I’m not the only one doing it now!” he explains. This frees up his (and his team’s) time, and allows anyone on the team to build metrics—not just the data experts.

“Each team has adopted Grow as core to their operation.”

Grow has benefitted not only Dalton as CEO, but the entire Real Thread team: “Each team has adopted Grow as core to their operation,” he says. Real Thread has truly become data-driven as “each team’s most important numbers stay top-of-mind, so they can act quickly and see how their actions are impacting their KPIs.”

“Grow is the big win I was looking for.”

Overall, “Grow is the big win I was looking for,” Dalton says. “Grow has been a part of the great growth we’ve had over the last year, and we’re excited that Real Thread will be featured in the Inc. 5000.” In short, “We absolutely recommend Grow. Metric clarity and visibility is critical to creating an empowered team.”

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