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Since 2005, Sebo Marketing has provided online marketing services for companies throughout the United States. Sebo was selected as a Google Premier Partner for their specialized skill in building websites, increasing website traffic, and improving website performance. As experts in SEO and maximizing Google’s marketing tools, Sebo has also earned the title “Utah’s Google Experts.”

Bruce Rowe Co-Founder, Owner, President Sebo Marketing

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Let the Data Lead You

“We’re data people,” explains Bruce Rowe, Sebo Marketing president. “We love seeing and learning from key data points.” But that process hasn’t always been easy.

“Before Grow, it was often hard to know exactly which actions were the most effective,” says Rowe. “We had some ideas, but we just didn’t have an easy or quick way to clearly see the good from the bad.”

“Before Grow, it was often hard to know exactly which actions were the most effective.”

As the company grew, the Sebo team could see that they needed to change the way they accessed and used their data if they wanted to get to the next level:

“We sat down as a team, and sketched out periodic goals. We realized that as we progressed, having automated data visualization would increase our chance of success dramatically.”

Infinitely Easier

For Sebo, being able to track, visualize, and analyze their data like this simply wasn’t possible before Grow. It was scattered and siloed, making it hard to see the overall picture. That’s why one of Rowe’s favorite Grow features is “the ability to see all our key data points in one single place,” he says. “Having Grow is just so much better than going to all of our different data sources and trying to visualize everything in Excel.”

Since implementation, Grow has become an integral part of how Sebo operates. “Every week, we meet as an entire company. We go through a number of things that we are tracking in Grow, including going through all of our favorite dashboards,” says Rowe.

Results That Mean Something

“We get things done about 20% faster.”

The results of Grow have substantial, Rowe explains: “Grow helps us be more efficient. We get things done about 20% faster than we had previously. This gives us more time for ‘big picture stuff,’ instead of just barely getting finished with the daily routine tasks. It also allows us to take on more clients with the same payroll expenses, which results in a lower payroll percentage.”

“With Grow, seeing the data provides accountability which simply improves performance.”

Not only are things now done quicker and cheaper at Sebo, they are simply done better, Rowe says: “With Grow, seeing the data provides accountability, which simply improves performance. There are lots of situations where things would have slipped in the past, but now we make sure things get done. No one likes seeing the tasks they aren’t getting done up on the dashboard.”

“Grow allows us to ensure our clients we are getting the work done that they deserve.”

How else does seeing data improve team accountability? “Everyone in the company sees the performance of everyone, and see if they are below target, on target, or above target at any time,” says Rowe, “This Cadence of Accountability allows us to ensure our clients we are getting the work done that they deserve, and that is really important to everyone at Sebo.”

Grow has allowed Sebo to become leaner, quicker, and more cost effective—for themselves, and for their clients. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.

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