3 Grow Features You Might Not Know About

This week, we wanted to feature a few awesome but lesser known features of the Grow platform. Did you know you can:

Auto rotate dashboards in TV mode


Rotate through all your favorited dashboards while in fullscreen mode. This is great for displaying multiple dashboards on one TV. Consider doing this in more public areas or office spaces where multiple departments sit near one another. For example, it may make sense to have a separate sales dashboard and marketing dashboard but to still display both for your business development teams to monitor. Learn more here.

View the number of metrics created from each data source

See all the different data source accounts your company has authorized and how many metrics are built using each connection.

Easily change the source of a data series


If you need to update a Data Series selection but don’t want to lose all the configurations you have created, you can edit the selection instead of deleting the data series and starting over.

As always, if you have any questions please email support@grow.com, or chat in on the site.

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