The One Dashboard To Rule Them All

Knowledge is power. How do you increase your power? By knowing the score. Introducing the One Dashboard to rule them all… Giving you the knowledge to make powerful leadership decisions and the ability to unite your team with real-time data and metrics.

How does a business intelligence dashboard help you manage your business? It gives you the metrics and information you need before you need it. Before you even have to ask for it.

For Tom Clark, the CEO of Social Dental, the Grow dashboard was a “game changer” as he expanded his business from 3 employees to 50.

“The Grow dashboard has been a game changer for us. I don’t need to go to 6 people anymore to ask how things are going or what is happening. I now have real-time data and real-time information. We have a sales dashboard, a marketing dashboard, a fulfillment dashboard… we even have a dashboard for individual employees to track what they are working on.”

All the critical metrics that Tom needs to effectively run his business are available real-time with Grow. The best part is, the knowledge and data is not limited only to Tom. The dashboard makes the information transparent and available to everyone. All team members have the chance to increase their productivity based on the knowledge of the daily metrics. Teams can work together

“Everyone hates the conversation where you are having a team meeting, looking at each other and saying, who did what? It becomes intimidating, and you can create distance between your employees when you’re putting them on the spot like that. Now, all of us look at the dashboard. We look at the score and say, how do you feel about our results as a team? How can we increase this or celebrate it?”

The Grow dashboard gives you and your team the power and knowledge to succeed. Check out our key performance indicator guide below for more information on how you can use metrics to drive success and productivity into your business.

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