Why You Should Move Your BI to the Cloud

Over time, the landscape of Business Intelligence tools has drastically evolved. From bulky, on-premises solutions to sleek, accessible cloud platforms, the shift is clear. In fact, cloud analytics, a segment of BI, is witnessing remarkable growth, expanding at a 23% annual rate. Valued at $23.2 billion in 2020, this market is expected to reach a staggering $65.4 billion by 2025

With the cloud's surge, many businesses are rightfully considering if they, too, should ride this wave.

7 Reasons You Should Move Your BI To The Cloud

Reason #1: Cost Efficiency and Scalability

A key driving factor behind the migration towards the best Business Intelligence tools available in the cloud is the alluring promise of cost efficiency. Gone are the days when enterprises had to make heavy upfront investments in hardware and infrastructure. With cloud-based BI platforms, the financial barrier is significantly lowered, and the pay-as-you-go model ensures you only pay for what you use.

Furthermore, the scalability offered by cloud platforms is unparalleled. Need more resources during peak business seasons? Scale up. Experiencing a lull? Scale down. You're no longer tied down by rigid systems that aren’t quick to adapt to your needs.

Harness the power of Grow’s BI platform, where economical meets practical. With an offer of an unlimited user license, Grow encourages businesses to incorporate all stakeholders, from C-level executives to operational teams, into the data-driven decision-making process without incurring additional user costs. 

Reason #2: Access and Collaboration

One of the standout Business Intelligence tools benefits lies in the realm of access and collaboration. Cloud-based BI solutions cater to the modern workforce's mobility needs. Whether you're working from home, on a business trip, or even on vacation, your data and reports are just a click away.

Beyond mere access, these tools champion real-time collaboration. Say goodbye to the era of endless email threads with attached spreadsheet versions. Now, teams can work on the same dataset simultaneously, ensuring that efficiency is always at the forefront.

For instance, using Grow, 2 Brothers Moving & Delivery transformed their data usage, making vital metrics easily understandable and accessible for their busy team. Interactive dashboards now fuel team motivation and collaboration, aiding in strategic planning and boosting performance. This easy-to-use BI tool also supports the company's innovative future service expansions without the complexity of traditional data manipulation.

Reason #3: Enhanced Security and Compliance

Data security remains a top concern for businesses. Cloud-based BI reporting tools are fully equipped to address these concerns with advanced security protocols. From encryption (both in-transit and at-rest) to multi-factor authentication, the cloud has it all covered. Additionally, major cloud providers follow global regulations, ensuring that your is secure and meets compliance standards. 

Grow's BI dashboard ensures top-tier security and performance via its unique Data Pods Architecture, providing each account with dedicated server resources and robust data protection. Attaining SOC II certification, Grow encrypts and securely connects all data, while offering customizable, restricted user access, safeguarding information without sacrificing strategic agility. These meticulous safeguards make Grow a reliable and secure choice for businesses navigating the digital landscape.

Reason #4: Integration and Interoperability

The best Business Intelligence tools are those that don’t force you into a walled garden. Cloud-based BI tools champion an API-first approach. What does this mean for you? Integration with a myriad of third-party apps and platforms becomes a cakewalk. Additionally, with support for a diverse array of data formats, you're no longer constrained by the limitations of structured data alone.

Grow’s cloud-based BI tool boasts over 100+ native integrations, ensuring versatile connectivity right from its interface, and even if a required data source isn’t supported, Grow facilitates integration through third-party ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) platforms. The flexibility allows users to pull critical business data into Grow by pushing it through a supported destination source, demonstrating Grow's commitment to seamless integration and interoperability. 

With the guidance of your IT or development team, and by utilizing ETL provider’s setup processes, data is effortlessly channeled into Grow, ensuring it integrates smoothly into your BI workflows.

Reason #5: Faster Innovations and Upgrades

Stagnation is the enemy of progress. With cloud-based BI reporting tools, stagnation is a thing of the past. These platforms ensure you're always using the most up-to-date version with rolling updates. Plus, the sandbox environments let businesses test and experiment, fostering a culture of innovation.

Reason #6: Enhanced Reliability and Uptime

One overlooked benefit of cloud platforms is their unparalleled reliability. With data redundantly stored across multiple data centers, even a catastrophe at one location won't keep you from your crucial BI reports. Combine this with the managed maintenance practices of cloud providers, and you're looking at optimal uptime figures.

Grow ensures users consistently operate on its latest version through automatic, rolling updates, negating the need for manual installations and thereby mitigating the risk of using outdated technology.

Reason #7: Environmental Benefits

Switching to cloud computing significantly cuts energy use, as a study funded by Google found it can reduce consumption by up to 87%. This saved energy could power Los Angeles for a whole year, while also allowing organizations to save 60-85% in energy costs, demonstrating substantial environmental and financial benefits. Explore more about how making the switch with Grow can be cost-effective and feature-rich in the Grow Reviews Cost & Features GetApp

By utilizing Grow’s cloud-based BI tools, businesses implicitly partake in more environmentally friendly practices through the use of cloud data centers, which are recognized for optimized energy usage compared to traditional data centers. 

The scalable nature of cloud services, as epitomized by Grow, ensures resources are shared across numerous clients, which not only enhances efficiency but also diminishes the overall energy consumption per user or business. 

This method helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and support environmental goals. It does so by using shared infrastructure which saves resources and energy.  This is in comparison to on-premises solutions.


The future of Business Intelligence undeniably rests in the cloud. From unparalleled flexibility to robust security, the advantages are clear. For businesses still on the fence, it's high time to evaluate your current BI setup and consider joining the cloud revolution.

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