Grow + 2 Brothers Moving & Delivery

Making data accessible by the whole team.

2 Brothers Moving & Delivery is a service oriented mover in Portland, Oregon with a mission to relieve the pain of relocation. They rely on Grow to motivate their team and tell the story behind how they're helping customers get to where they're going next.

Adam Sweet, Founder, 2Brothers Moving

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2 Brothers Moving & Delivery has always been a data-centric company. However, while their team is smart and passionate, they’re busy providing world-class service and learning how to use complicated spreadsheets isn’t at the top of the agenda. They needed a way to make their data universally accessible and engaging.

A Strategic Vision

2 Brothers doesn’t have a shortage of metrics. According to CEO Adam Sweet, “We’re not tracking anything new, but Grow has helped to reduce the metrics we show and be more strategic about what we see and use.” They’ve been able to create layers of displayed data, featuring the most important information near the top and smaller details as you dig into their dashboard.

Simple Implementation

Initially, 2 Brothers had planned on investing in the creation of a group of customized dashboards to measure the company’s performance. These static dashboards would be very difficult—and expensive—to change as company goals and metrics evolved, and the custom development would take a lot of work to implement, with no guarantee of success. For 2 Brothers, Grow was an easier and far more cost effective solution making it a no-brainer.. “The implementation is so easy. An account rep holds your hand through the set up and there’s even a conference to teach you how to use it,” says Sweet.

Visible Performance

Before Grow, 2 Brothers' employees had to look up their performance and bonus-qualifying information on a spreadsheet, which many failed to do at all due to its complexity. Now, that information is easily visible on leaderboards, displayed on screens in the office that measure performance and bonus status. The result? More positive energy focused on the people doing well, an increase in goal orientation, and even some occasional healthy competition!

Transparency + Understanding

Transparency has always been of vital importance at 2 Brothers, but they quickly realized that just having the transparent data available wasn’t enough. “We believe in transparency and one of the struggles with that is how to combine transparency with knowledge and understanding.” says Sweet. With Grow, they’re able to more clearly visualize the impact of their data, rather than just the numbers themselves.

What’s Next

In the future, 2 Brothers' expansion goals focus on developing a “touchless move,” where a customer can essentially go to work and come home at the end of the day to find that all of their belongings have been packed up, moved, and unpacked in their new home.

“Of course, we have to bring costs down that come from adding time and services,” says Sweet, “Part of the plan is to use Grow to dial in on our operational focus so we can ramp up our efficiency of executing moves quickly and doing more for the customers in an affordable way.” By utilizing data to enhance collaboration, more effective trainings and increased performance, they’re well on their way to redefining the moving industry.

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