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Leveraging data insights to optimize revenue.

Altaworx uses Grow BI dashboards to optimize their revenue funnel and spot opportunities for revenue optimization.

Forrest Derr, Director of Finance and Automation

Integrations used.


When Forrest Derr began at Altaworx as the Director of Finance and Automation, the CEO gave him the responsibility of creating a series of customizable dashboards that the company could use to easily keep track of their data.

He quickly realized that the level of customization required, combined with the challenge of ever-changing metric definitions in their growing business, would necessitate enormous amounts of coding and constant, expensive changes. Through Grow, he was able to create the customized, up-to-date visualizations he needed without the expense of IT.

Accounts Receivable Dashboard Solutions

Like any company, Altaworx wants to get paid—and if they’re not, they need to take a tactical look at how much the client is past due and why. In the past, Altaworx didn’t have a clear view of what was being left on the table, but after creating a custom metric on a Grow dashboard for their AR representative things changed.

In just 60 days, this Altaworx representative was able to significantly cut down on unapid invoices, ultimately giving the company access to $40,000 in cash flow that they didn’t have before. “Even if that were the only metric I had for our experience with Grow, I’d use it just for that,” says Derr.

Data-Driven Strategy

Using Grow’s many tools has helped Altaworx to analyze where they’re selling and what makes them the most money.

After analyzing product performance on their dashboards, Altaworx discovered that although a certain product was their best seller, it was also the one with the lowest profit margin.

After learning this, Altaworx’s marketing team changed their strategies and messaging to focus on selling another product that will have a true impact on their growth.

Company-Wide Transparency

The data on Altaworx’s Grow dashboards are displayed throughout their office on TVs, from the conference and break rooms to the directors’ offices. “As with all companies, having all our data accessible and in one place is critical for us,” says Derr. It helps Altaworx streamline processes and keep everyone on the same page from the CEO to the banker.  

What’s Next

Since adopting Grow, Altaworx has been able to use their data to cut down on lost revenue, revamp their marketing strategy, and energize their employees. As they look to the future, we’re confident in their ability to continue to connect people throughout every state in the country via their carrier services, taking their business to new heights in the process.

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