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A dashboard solution made to measure.

Edit Suits Co. is a high-end made-to-measure menswear company that is revolutionizing the way men shop for clothing. With showrooms in London and Singapore, Edit Suits Co. is using an innovative approach in offering high-quality custom menswear with an exceptional customer experience.

Patrick Jungo Co-Founder Edit Suits Co.

Integrations used.

Scattered Data, Scattered Business

“Information started to become more scattered.”

Edit Suits Co. came into existence after the founders experienced how accessible custom menswear was in Asia, compared to the limited and expensive options in Europe leaving the majority of customers buying off-the-rack. Often this means paying high prices for poorly fitting garments. So, Patrick and his co-founder embarked on a mission to offer great made-to-measure menswear in the most convenient way possible with a mix of ecommerce and conveniently located showrooms.

Edit Suits Co. has since grown to two showrooms in London and one in Singapore with the team split between the two locations. Patrick had always felt that they had a grip of their data, but when they split between two locations the business became harder to manage.

According to Patrick, “Not being on the ground meant that the information started to become more scattered and I didn’t have the same feel for the sales numbers, ops stats, and customer service figures.”

At the same time, sales volumes began to increase significantly, and Patrick knew he needed a tool to consolidate and track all of their data sources in a single platform to keep his finger on the pulse of the business at all times.

Finding a Company-Wide Fit

“Information is king.”

All the essential parts of the business are monitored in Grow. From marketing and sales to operations and customer service.

Patrick’s executive dashboard allows the management team to track the main KPIs for each department in one place. The dashboard is nicknamed “the Force”, partly as a nod to Star Wars, but mainly due the power it has given Edit Suits to make data-driven decisions.

Being able to link marketing activity to sales numbers and how they change on a daily basis is crucial. Patrick is able to track Cost Per Lead and Customer Acquisition Cost, and understand how seasonality affects the business. This allows Edit Suits to pivot and change direction based on data rather than just gut-feel.

Grow is essential element of operations at Edit Suits. “Much of the fabric we use is produced in Italy and the UK meaning we need to anticipate inventory to keep up with sales as it can take a couple of weeks to be shipped and imported,” explains Patrick.

Orders need to be placed in time to ensure deadlines are met, so the integration with Grow allows Edit Suits to have a real-time inventory dashboard for fabric levels. “We were also able to build a connection to our fabric supplier to keep an eye on fabric levels in Grow which removed the need to constantly call suppliers which took at least a day, sometimes more.”

To keep a finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction, Edit Suits tracks Net Promoter Score (NPS) in Grow. This allows the team to keep on top of any problems and respond as needed.

“It’s hard to think back to the days when all of the data was scattered and needed a lot of work to get the results,” Patrick says. Now, with Grow, results are only a click away. “The team at Grow was brilliant in implementing the various data feeds where we needed some assistance, for example where SQL coding was required.”

Designing a Pattern for Growth

“Grow has given us a 360 degree view of our business—allowing us to see where we’ve been, where we are, and where we need to go.”

“Having the data in front of us on a daily basis enables the team to react in real-time and deliver a better service to our customers and to grow as a business,” explains Patrick. Grow allows the business to be more responsive and react quicker, catching problems immediately rather than after days or weeks.

An important factor for investing in Grow specifically was the unlimited users model. “For me it was essential that if I wanted to give access to anybody in the team, that it doesn’t incur any extra cost,” he says. “I see a big benefit in sharing the relevant information with the team members.”

Another important factor about the platform is that it can grow with Edit Suits. “We know that as we expand our product range, internal systems, locations and staff numbers, Grow is future proof,” says Patrick.

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