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Founded in 1988, DeanHouston is a is a full-service business-to-business marketing communications firm. For the last five years, DeanHouston has been among the 5,000 fastest-growing, privately-owned companies in America. Colton Stombaugh, Director of Digital Marketing at DeanHouston, tells us, “At DeanHouston, we understand B2B brands. We completely immerse ourselves in our brands, our industries, and our competition. Our goal is to help technical products and services companies achieve success through the development and implementation of effective integrated B2B branding and marketing strategies.”

Colton Stombaugh Director of Digital Marketing DeanHouston

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Searching for the Holy Grail of Data

For DeanHouston, being able to show their clients their own marketing data is essential, and in 2016, DeanHouston found themselves at a crossroads: “Our clients were demanding better visibility for their digital marketing metrics,” says Stombaugh.

“We were using a platform that was not nearly as user-friendly as Grow and required a significant amount of time from specialized team members just to set up a basic metric. For a while, we thought we were going to need to hire a dedicated developer to work with our old dashboard platform, or resort to manually and painstakingly generating reports.”

Stombaugh continues: “As a last ditch effort, we looked for another dashboard provider that wasn’t outrageously expensive, but was still full- featured and didn’t require a full-time developer to implement and maintain. To be honest, we thought we were hunting for something that didn’t exist… until we found Grow.”

“We thought we were hunting for something that didn’t exist…until we found Grow.”

Eye-opening Visualization

After implementing Grow, things are completely different at DeanHouston: “Now, our analytics metrics are very easy for us to put together,” says Stombaugh. “Grow allows our team to collect, organize, compare, and analyze data in the most efficient way possible.” But what makes an even bigger difference than being user-friendly is that “Grow has a hand in helping us better understand where our clients are and what their needs are.”

“Our clients love seeing their data!”

See Your Company’s Map to Success

In an industry where clients need to clearly see the ROI of their marketing partners, Grow has put DeanHouston ahead of the pack: “The most positive experience we have had with Grow has got to be showing our work to our clients that we have created using Grow. They are as excited as we are to see the analysis and data displays we provide for them.” Data makes all the difference, and DeanHouston is thriving because they can quantify success. “Most importantly,” Stombaugh explains, “Our clients love seeing their data!”

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