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Comapi provides multi-channel chat, messaging, and API tools to empower enterprises to engage, convert, and support customers. The cloud-based platform enables businesses to connect with their customers in the channel of their choice—via web chat, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and through their own apps.

Paul Putman, CEO, Comapi
Time Langford, VP of Operations, Comapi

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Comapi is laser-focused on results, and an integral part of hitting their goals is the ability to track performance in real-time with Grow. With access to real-time data, the Comapi team can take actions quickly in order to achieve the right outcomes.

However, before using Grow, reporting at Comapi was a challenge. There was no central reporting system which meant the team would have to run ad hoc reports whenever they needed simple metrics and would often end up building one-off graphs in spreadsheets.

“We just wanted a dashboard solution for our reporting and KPIs, which integrated our Salesforce, Xero, and external data sources like spreadsheets. It had to be in an easy-to-use format that the whole team could understand and which updated in real-time,” explains Paul Putman, CEO at Comapi.


Having received a recommendation, the team at Comapi implemented Grow as it struck the right balance between complexity and results. “What we like about the platform is that it’s practical, simple, and out-of-the-box to get results,” says Tim Langford, VP of Operations.

“I’ve received excellent help from the Grow customer success team. They’ve been brilliant and helped me to get up to speed quickly.”

Their dashboards track company goals at a high level and then go into further detail, focusing on different areas of the business. Grow gives them the ability to see a blended view of their forecasting data and KPIs, enabling them to focus on activities which drive growth.

The KPIs that the business tracks are mainly leading indicators rather than lagging indicators.

“The key for Comapi is the ability to mash several different sources into one metric, allowing us to compare where we are against target,” Langford continues. “We are then able to make adjustments to strategy or activities to deal with the areas where we are not hitting our goals.”

For example, the business tracks how many new opportunities are being created to give an indication of sales performance, how many customers do they have in contract to predict revenue, and levels of consumption of the product to gauge churn.

Since implementing Grow, senior management meetings at Comapi are now much more productive. Instead of just reporting results, the meetings now focus on what actions to take as everyone has had access to the metrics throughout the month.

“I hate going into meetings where we sit around and report,” explains Putman.

“The results are on Grow; they’re real-time, continuously available on the screens; it’s making things much more efficient. We don’t have to wait until the end of the month or quarter to fix things—we do it immediately.”

Langford adds, “We now have easy visibility of our customer revenue figures throughout the month and are able to take action if it’s not on track. Grow has allowed us to be far more proactive.”

Transparency and information sharing is very important in Comapi according to Putman. ”There’s no point keeping data isolated to individual departments—we want everyone to add value to each other.”

“We don’t have a culture of silos. We want everyone to see the data as it impacts how successful we are as a company.”

Comapi is a part of a wider group and the willingness to be transparent with data and results also extends to their group reporting. “Our reporting to the group is completely open and transparent—they have access to the dashboards whenever they want. Compared to the other businesses in the group, our reporting is is light-years ahead.”

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