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The Younique Foundation Uses Grow's simple BI platform to increase donations and reach major milestones. Find out how.

Abe Young

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Simple Metric Evaluation

Before finding Grow, The Younique Foundation relied on complex spreadsheets, which made it difficult to respond quickly to what their data showed. The Younique Foundation helps women recovering from sexual abuse by providing a healing retreat with group activities and therapy.

Director of Finance and Administration Abe Young explains, “We started using Grow because we wanted to see what was happening with the participants pre- and post-retreat, which is hard if you don’t have a way to evaluate the metrics.”

Grow enabled The Younique Foundation to easily see and analyze their retreat data, so they can understand how to improve their services—and the participants' lives.

Improving Revenue Streams

Like other non-profit organizations, The Younique Foundation has experimented with a variety of funding sources, including sales of swag items such as T-shirts to spread the word about their cause. However, before Grow, it wasn’t always easy to see how much impact some of these revenue streams were having.

After analyzing the information they gleaned from their customized Grow dashboards, Young explains that they completely revamped their entire online store to make the products better suited for their clientele.

Managing Funding

Running a non-profit like The Younique Foundation means relying on donations to keep operations going, which is why real-time metrics provided by Grow have been instrumental.

“To be recognized by the Federal Government as a non-profit, we have to raise 33% of our funding through outside sources, so we needed to be able to track our funding accurately on a day-to-day basis,” explains Young.

While The Younique Foundation accepts donations in a wide range of forms, they need to have the right balance of donations to maintain their categorization with the IRS. With the help of Grow financial data, they can guide their marketing efforts to attract the right kind of funding.

Customizable Dashboards

The Younique Foundation also needed an easy-to-use, customizable platform that allowed them to track the metrics that were important to them on a daily basis. By working with the team at Grow, they were able to create customized dashboards for their executive, philanthropy, and clinical services teams to provide their employees with actionable information.

Learn more about The Younique Foundation's Philanthropy, Finance & Admin, and Clinical Services dashboards.

What’s Next?

The goal of The Younique Foundation has always been to bring hope and educational resources to sexual abuse survivors, and the future looks bright. Using Grow, they have met crucial financial goals for the year, and will continue focusing on improving their outreach so they can help more women and children in their recovery.

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