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Using data to build trust and drive performance.

Powerblanket specializes in freeform heating products designed to improve everything from industrial manufacturing to employee safety. With a focus on customization, this trusted Utah-based business ships out hundreds of products each month to help businesses meet their goals. 

Brent Reddekopp, President, Powerblanket
Logan Leaming, Controller, Powerblanket

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When Powerblanket was purchased in 2013, the business was in trouble. They were losing money every month and needed to reevaluate their workflow. Unfortunately, since they relied on irregularly-updated spreadsheets, it was difficult to match their data to real-time results.


Streamlined Reporting

Powerblanket controller Logan Leaming explains, "Before Grow, I had to produce several documents a day, including a profit and loss statement, a balance sheet, and a sales order summary. On a good day, it took over an hour. When we got Grow, it was amazing to see that I could track results in real time without much effort on my part. It was a huge breakthrough and time saver."

Clear Communication

Powerblanket President Brent Reddekopp realized that employees couldn't be motivated by data they couldn't see. "You have to be clear on expectations, your goals, and your results. You have to have information visible and deemed important," he says. Now, with Grow dashboards displayed on TVs throughout their manufacturing plant, Powerblanket has empowered their employees with information.

Driving Performance

For Powerblanket, Grow is essential for helping employees understand the company vision and adjust their behavior in response to the data. Because each employee knows what's expected and can see how they're performing, they can make sure they stay on track. "You get what you measure," Reddekopp says.

Data Democratization

Giving employees access to performance data is a stress-reducing equalizer. Reddekopp explains, "When everybody is clear on the measurements and the expectations, it drives out the fear within the company."

"Grow makes everyone feel like they are on the same level," says Leaming, "Everyone has the same data. … Everyone is empowered to make the company better."

What's Next

Powerblanket has used their Grow dashboards to improve efficiency and create "magic" in the industrial world. As recent recipients of the Power Manufacturer of the Year award, Powerblanket has also been honored to finish in the top three of the American Manufacturing Excellence Award last year, largely due to their increased productivity and efficiency.

"How we work every day has an effect on the company. Grow helps us see that impact," says Leaming. As they continue optimizing their business, we predict they'll stay on their award-winning trajectory.

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