Company Health Dashboard
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What Is Measured

  • Fiscal Progress per Quarter
  • Booked Orders
  • Shipments

How It Helps Growth

  • Democratizes data to employees
  • Communicates overall company performance
  • Manages expectations for all employees

The Need for Transparency

The Need for Transparency

Manufacturing companies rely heavily on sales performance to determine staffing and production needs. Not knowing how the company is performing can lead to a sense of uncertainty for staff and leadership alike. MachMotion understood this and decided they needed a way to inspire confidence in company performance.

How MachMotion Built Their Company Health Dashboard

MachMotion’s Company Health Dashboard is their quick guide to overall performance. They track fiscal progress quarter over quarter as well as booked orders compared to shipments, which allows the entire company to understand where they’ve been, how they’re doing now, and what they can expect in the future.

Forecasting is critical for manufacturing companies like MachMotion to predict staffing and supply needs. By democratizing forecast data, MachMotion provides their employees the transparency they need to feel secure in their jobs and focus all of their mental energy on how to improve and grow the business.

How MachMotion Built Their Company Health Dashboard
How MachMotion Uses Their Company Health Dashboard

How MachMotion Uses Their Company Health Dashboard

Although their Company Health Dashboard is displayed throughout the business, each month the company holds a meeting to dive deeper into the information. This provides further context for teams and employees.  

By uniting their team around the data, MachMotion has seen team members take more ownership of their roles in business performance. More aware of how they can impact growth, they are constantly looking for new and creative ways to keep the company moving forward.

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