Finance Dashboard
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What Is Measured

  • Donations
  • Historical Cash Balance
  • Accounts Payable
  • Public Donations
  • Cash Days Reserve
  • Liquidity Ratio
  • Total YTD Expenditures
  • YTD Expenditures by Activity

How It Helps Growth

  • Understand the true cost of the services they provide
  • Responsibly monitor their use of donor funds
  • Improve donor outreach
  • Increase donation amounts
The Need to Use Resources Wisely

The Need to Use Resources Wisely

Abe Young, Director of Finance and Administration for The Younique Foundation, explains, “We needed a metrics company that could evolve with us, who wasn’t overwhelming and super expensive, because our resources are sacred. When we found Grow, we saw a company that could give us everything that we needed at an affordable price.”

How The Younique Foundation Built Their Finance & Admin Dashboard

The Younique Foundation prides themselves on being worthy stewards of the donation funds they collect, and their financial and administration dashboards represent that responsibility. In addition to tracking everything from total donations to accounts payable, they also pay attention to initiative costs, the days of cash reserve they currently have, and the total amount they've spent on projects they are currently working on.

One of the metrics that is especially important to The Younique Foundation is their donations balances, since the company relies on donors to provide healing experiences for survivors of sexual abuse. After they started using Grow, they could accurately determine how much it cost to send a woman to their healing retreat, which allowed them to ask businesses and private donors to sponsor one or more women, instead of requesting a certain sum. As a result, The Younique Foundation improved their outreach and significantly increased their total of donations.

How The Younique Foundation Built Their Finance & Admin Dashboard
How The Younique Foundation Uses Their Finance & Admin Dashboard

How The Younique Foundation Uses Their Finance & Admin Dashboard

The Younique Foundation uses donations to send female survivors of childhood sexual abuse on free healing retreat to a serene location in the Rocky Mountains. During the retreat, survivors have the chance to share their stories, participate in group therapy sessions, and enjoy a little pampering. The Younique Foundation also tracks the progress of survivors after they return home from the retreat, because they care about the continued success and healing of the women they help. Grow helps them get the data they need to provide this healing to more and more women each year.

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