Easy-to-use IT dashboards to accelerate growth

Why Use an IT Dashboard?

IT departments handle much of the hard work of keeping a company running. You’re tasked with everything from keeping the network secure to fixing a broken printer.

On top of those tasks, you also get tons of requests for data, analysis, and information. Plus, you need to access and analyze the data that helps you keep your own department running smoothly.

Instead of spending tons of time making the same reports again and again each month, Grow allows you to make a dashboard that updates itself every day (or up to every five minutes, if you prefer).

Creating and presenting beautiful dashboards to your company reduces the workload for your IT managers. Grow IT dashboards are easy to build, customize, and share across your entire organization.

Grow’s data visualization platform is powerful and specifically designed to help you combine multiple data sources and find the correlations necessary to make critical decisions. Dashboards are fully customizable so you can create dashboards for IT project management, network administration, departmental KPIs, and much more.

Best of all, you can easily build a custom information technology dashboard solution quickly—no programming skills required.

Why Use an IT Dashboard?

Ticket management, networks, security threats, data centers, cloud services, mobile devices—your IT department is expected to juggle complex systems and infrastructure to keep your business running and show your value to leadership. But how do you show that value without spending time creating complex reports week after week?

Grow makes reporting fast and easy. It helps you do the day-to-day—infrastructure monitoring, help desk management, and budget planning. And it’s there for the big strategic initiatives, helping you manage change and increase return on investment.

Customized Data for Every Role and Responsibility

With Grow, you can give every member of your IT team easy access to focused data that impacts their day-to-day efforts, which increases each individual’s accountability and helps motivate them to meet their goals. IT dashboards unite key information in a single location, so you and your team can focus on the data that matters, and remove data that doesn’t impact results.

As an IT administrator, you wear a lot of hats. Between onboarding and offboarding employees, managing server and workstation upgrades, handling software licenses, “Patch Tuesdays”, and being constantly yanked between initiatives, it can be a challenge to find time for weekly reporting. That’s where Grow comes in.

With the world’s most diverse set of data connectors, a super easy visualization builder, and beautiful real-time dashboards that do all the work for you, the reporting happens automatically while you’re getting stuff done. All you have to do is connect your IT data, customize your chart using Grow’s ETL tools or SQL, and build the visualizations you want—all in a matter of minutes.

Say goodbye to the outdated 3D column charts you’ve been rebuilding in Excel every week, and say hello to the simplest data reporting tool on the planet.

To manage the varied responsibilities of analysts, there’s no better tool than Grow IT dashboards. Access and visibility to engineering metrics, financials, strategic objectives, security vulnerabilities, capacity management, process improvement, and other data make it easier for analysts to get stuff done right.

With customized IT dashboards, you can get deeper insight into core engineering goals and get historical data trends to help you make continuous improvements to your process. You can also design project dashboards with all your key metrics in one place to save time and track progress from planning through implementation to remain on budget and on time.

When it comes to reporting, Grow makes it easy to share dynamic metrics to stakeholders and managers, while also helping to contextualize key information for executive-level audiences.

Whether you have a dedicated security team or not, making key security metrics visible to all parties is critical. Tracking these metrics helps you recognize problems earlier, take action sooner, and (hopefully) find solutions faster—as well as helping you set and reach goals more effectively and maintain optimal performance across the entire company.

Grow allows you to build metrics to track your company’s compliance and monitoring, as well as tracking and measuring your risk assessment tools and projects. By visualizing attack and incident trends month over month, you can more accurately answer the question, “Is my business secure?”

With IT dashboards that pull data from all your different applications and systems, IT security professionals don’t have to be at a desk to stay on top of what’s going on. Grow’s platform offers dashboard access anywhere, including mobile, desktop, or TV display.

Employees depend on your services to do their jobs and to serve customers. Tracking your IT Ops performance with IT dashboards can help build trust and improve team performance by benchmarking, monitoring, and improving the speed and quality of service to your business. They can also ensure that your employees are able to efficiently and effectively do their jobs without being delayed for too long when they come across issues.

Show the value the help desk brings to your organization by measuring and showing issue response times, support ticket priorities, new issue creation, issue resolution, issue volume, issues by department, ticket submission method, percent of SLA attainment, and ticket assignment distribution and load balance. You can also measure how the rest of the organization perceives the IT department by showing IT support satisfaction responses and trends.

Use a Grow IT dashboard to measure and improve the performance of individual help desk support reps to understand which reps are progressing and which might need training, or uncover bottlenecks so you can improve your issue workflow and know when to hire.

Track IT KPIs in Real Time

Grow integrates with the tools you use every day, so you can see all your data in one place. As your numbers change, Grow automatically updates your dashboard to reflect the most current results. That way, your team can respond to new information as soon it arrives, and you can stay ahead of the game.

Your number one priority as an IT professional is to make sure your network and systems are up and running smoothly. When you track network performance on your IT dashboard, Grow gives you end-to-end visibility into the system on your network and servers. This will allow you to track performance over time and see the long-term impact of your improvements (or identify continuing trouble spots). You can also share your dashboards to give others outside your IT organization the ability to see the current network/server status as well.

It’s critical to always know the status of your site, and there’s no easier way to monitor your real-time site status than with an IT dashboard. To keep your customers happy, it’s important to be able to respond quickly to issues—or better yet, make sure they never see a glitch. Grow gives you the visibility you need, so you’re never in the dark, and you can find solutions before anyone else has the chance to notice a problem.

IT dashboards make it easy for your team to track and report on requests, from inception through fulfillment. Whether the requests come from internal or external sources, you can easily monitor their progress. Your team can quickly rally to resolve bottlenecks and keep your process flowing. It can even help streamline cross-departmental communication by showing status updates for outstanding requests, managing expectations, and keeping everyone on the same page.