Every step of your team’s projects in a single, concise project management dashboard

What is a project management dashboard?

When you go into the office, some tasks are simple, and you take care of them almost without thinking. But often, your team will be working on a larger project, and you’ll need to be able to coordinate easily among all your team members. Some tasks need to be completed before others can begin, and team members need to be informed when assets are ready to move to the next stage of the process.

To help simplify things, Grow offers project management dashboards that gather data from a variety of sources and display key metrics for that project’s progress. Rather than checking each source to find out its status in the process, team members can access real time project tracking with a single project management dashboard to view all of the metrics pertaining to that project in one place. These project dashboards can be customized to arrange data in the best way for your team, so everyone has access to the numbers they need.

Project Management Dashboard

How a Project Management Dashboard Can Work for You

Some projects are composed of several moving parts. Tasks need to be completed, assets need to be gathered, and numbers need to be double- and triple-checked. Often, these tasks will each require their own tools. A project management dashboard can help you to keep track of all those tasks by aggregating your data and project management task lists into a single location. Grow’s project dashboards come with dozens of integrations with the most common project management tools, allowing you to set your dashboard to update automatically. This will allow you and your team to focus less on trying to keep the numbers straight and more on getting the important work done. Plus, Grow allows you to generate automated reports so that team managers can easily show their teams, as well as their supervisors, exactly how the project is going.

Project Tracking for Every Member of Your Team

When tracking multiple projects, it’s important for everyone who’s working on each one to have a clear view of how the project is progressing—both in relation to their individual work and as a whole. Team members need to keep track of their individual responsibilities within the project, but it’s also important that they see the direct impacts of their efforts on the project’s success. Team leaders need to keep track of key metrics which will allow them to adjust schedules as the project progresses. Meanwhile, project tracking is also important for executives, who need to stay aware of the projects they are responsible for, without having to constantly pull project managers away from the work.

[toggles style=”default”][toggle color=”Default” title=”Project Managers”]Your project managers need to stay aware of every aspect of their projects at all times. A project management dashboard from Grow helps them to organize all of that data into a single location. With Grow’s many possible integrations, your project managers can import and analyze data from multiple sources, providing new insights into their projects. Grow also allows them to view that data in a graphical format that makes it easier to understand. With all the information in front of them, your project managers can then make course corrections to ensure the success of their work.

Even though the project manager is steering the ship, it’s important for their individual team members to stay informed as well. Team members need to be able to track each task as it arises, following metrics so they understand where their efforts are successful and where they may need some work. When a problem arises, a project management dashboard makes it easy to spot. With all of the information in one place, it’s much more difficult to accidentally overlook a key piece of data. And since those numbers are updated in real time, you can be sure your team members are working with the most current data.

Just as project managers need to keep a broad view of all the moving parts of a project, company executives need to keep a broad view of all the different projects that fall under their responsibility. Grow can analyze data from multiple sources to provide broad insights or drill deep into specific steps if your executives need to take a closer look at the process. When they have access to all the data, your executives will be able to make informed decisions regarding additional steps the organization needs to take. They can use the new insights they develop to recognize and correct problems that may arise and steer the organization in a healthy direction.

Project management dashboards can also be used to keep track of ongoing marketing campaigns. Campaign managers can track key metrics to see whether the campaign is successful or not, then make adjustments to improve results moving forward.

Follow Projects from Start to Finish

A project management dashboard will help each member of your team to keep track of their key metrics so they can know how things are going at any given moment. Your data is updated and recorded in real time, so you can keep a running view of your project, adapt your strategies as necessary, then look back on the results once the project is completed and develop new insights and strategies for future projects.

Gather New Insights Into How Your Team Works

By tracking your team’s metrics and comparing data from multiple sources, you can begin to identify patterns in the way your team works together. Armed with this knowledge, you can hone your work processes for better results in the future. Grow allows you to set up regular, automated reports, which you can share with team members and supervisors, providing them with the same insight and ensuring that you are all on the same page.

A Powerful Tool Backed Up by an Experienced Team

While a project management dashboard from Grow can help improve your business processes, that’s only one of the benefits of working with us. Our experienced team of analysts and engineers is deeply familiar with everything our platform can do, and they’re eager to work with you to show you how best to implement the solution. We will work with you to make sure that your project dashboards are set up properly, helping you select the best integrations for your organization. We can help you to customize your display, and if you have any questions after the initial setup, we’re ready and available to answer them.

Integrate with Dozens of Project Management Tools

Chances are high that your team is using several different project tracking tools to coordinate your efforts as you work to complete your projects on time and up to your standards. Fortunately, your Grow project management dashboard has more than 150 integrations available, and we’re constantly adding more. With Grow, you can pull data from different tools for easy viewing in a single pane, and even analyze the data from those different sources for additional insights. Below are just a few of the project management tools that integrate with Grow:


Asana is a popular tool for managing marketing campaigns, planning product launches, and much more. With an Asana dashboard, you can track what needs to get done and who needs to do it. Grow allows you to visualize your team’s progress in real time, so everyone knows exactly where things stand.


GitHub is a valuable tool for developers as they collaborate on projects. With Grow, you can connect metrics from GitHub to data from your other sources and blend it together in a single, easy-to-read, graphical interface.


Podio is a cloud-based platform that helps teams to coordinate their work in structured workflows. With Grow, teams can use Podio to better manage projects, tracking results in real time and encouraging accountability among your team members.


Trello helps teams to coordinate work with boards, lists, and cards. Teams can organize their projects and prioritize them easily. Grow takes it a step further, importing project data directly from Trello and giving team leaders access to additional performance metrics.

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