Clear, readable social media dashboards to give you a clear view of your campaigns

Why Use a Social Media Dashboard?

Social media is one of the most potent tools an organization can use for outreach, forming, and reinforcing relationships with their audience. With every year, however, it seems that a dozen new social media platforms crop up, each tailored to a different group of people. If businesses want to make sure their social media outreach is at its most effective, they need to engage on several different platforms.

A social media dashboard simplifies the process, allowing social media directors to coordinate their social media efforts within a single, easy-to-read interface. Users can schedule content release, as well as collaborate with other team members in the content creation process.

After the organization posts a piece of content, a social media dashboard provides tools for analytics, allowing the team to track how the content is received. As the company’s followers respond to posts, these analytics help the team to craft appropriate responses. These analytics tools provide marketers, content creators, and executives with real-time, data-driven feedback, granting valuable insight for future marketing and social media decisions.

Social Media Dashboard

Social Media Tools for Every Member of your Team

While a well-informed social media director is invaluable, social media has an impact on team members at every level of your business. A social media dashboard makes it easy for everyone to keep track of how your social media campaigns are performing and make real adjustments. Plus, each team member can customize their own dashboard so that they only see the data that is pertinent to their role.

Many companies employ a specialist to direct and coordinate their social media efforts. Their role involves working with executives and workers in every department of the company. Social media directors must also keep a close eye on everything that is happening across all of the company’s social media accounts, from the content being posted to responding to user comments and complaints. Grow helps these specialists gather all of the pertinent information into one convenient location.

Content creators need to be able to follow the content they post and recognize the ROI it delivers. With the overarching view Grow’s social media dashboard provides, content creators are able to track which pieces are driving traffic and conversions, and which aren’t performing up to par. They can then fine tune old pieces and better target future pieces to maximize performance. A dashboard also makes it much easier for content creators to track pieces of content across multiple social media platforms.

Marketing executives need a broad view over all of the social media platforms they’re using. Grow allows them to keep track of which platforms are driving customer engagement and which may not be worth the investment of time and money. The analytics Grow provides help to show which demographics are responding to the company’s marketing efforts, helping marketing executives focus their efforts into the most effective areas and drive results.

When it comes to digital marketing, data is indispensable. But marketers are gathering so much information from so many sources that it becomes difficult to interpret. As digital marketers push new marketing campaigns online, they need to be able to track how those campaigns are received. Grow pulls data from dozens of different tools and presents them in an easy-to-understand format, and can cross reference data from those tools to present additional insights.

How a Social Media Dashboard Can Work for You

In business, social media is more than just gathering Likes and hoping customers retweet your most recent post. It involves carefully tracking how users are responding to your campaigns, analyzing their behavior, and learning the best way to build meaningful connections with them. Grow’s social media dashboards are built to gather all of this information together and present it in a way that’s simple to interpret and share with the right people.

Track User Engagement and Other Metrics in Real Time

With Grow, your social media metrics update in real time, meaning you’ll always have the most current results. Grow integrates with all of your social media platforms and provides you with valuable data from each, allowing you to adapt your strategies and stay ahead of the curve.

Draw Insights from All of Your Platforms

Your social media strategy will involve more than just one platform. To make informed decisions, you need to be able to compare data across all of the different social media platforms you use. Each audience will engage with your company in different ways, and the ability to compare all of those platforms side by side can show you where your strategies are working and help you to refine those strategies for even better results.

Track Campaign Effectiveness

Posting content is all well and good, but it needs to be the right content and engage your followers. Grow allows you to track follower behavior and engagement with your social media profiles. As you gather more data on your social media campaigns, you can refine them to make them even more effective and drive conversions.

Custom Reports to Suit Your Needs

One of the best features of Grow is just how customizable it is. Each social media dashboard can be specially customized to graphically represent the exact data you need without getting bogged down in other numbers. You can export the data you are tracking into reports that you can easily share with your entire team. Whether you are sharing your social media results with clients, executives, or investors, you can use that data to craft a clear story focusing on your audience’s needs. Grow allows you to highlight the pertinent information and weed out data that is not relevant to a particular group.

Powerful Tools and a Knowledgeable Team

While Grow’s software is powerful on its own, you’re getting so much more than that when you work with us. Grow’s team of data analysts know our platform better than anyone, and they can walk you through every stage, from the initial setup to choosing the best integrations to use to analyzing the data you gather. However you use the platform, it’s our intention to give you the best experience you could have.

Gather and Analyze Data from Dozens of Sources

Grow is designed to integrate with dozens of different tools that drive your social media outreach, and we’re adding more every day. Here are just a few of the social media integrations possible with Grow.


Facebook targets a broad audience, with over 1.8 billion active users each month. By tracking and analyzing your Facebook traffic with Grow, you can fine tune your efforts to engage your Facebook audience and keep your audience coming back.


Instagram allows your organization to post visual content that your followers can conveniently access from their phones. Grow helps you to track which images have drawn your audience’s attention and streamlines the process of posting content in the future.


Twitter is a place where you can share simple thoughts with your audience in easy-to-digest, bite-sized chunks. You can also use the platform to promote content and make it easy for your followers to share it with their friends and families. With Grow, you can visualize your data from Twitter and gain fresh insight, using real-time data, on the best steps to take moving forward.


LinkedIn is the clear leader in professional social networking, allowing you to forge connections between your company and skilled professionals. Grow makes it easy to manage your organization’s LinkedIn efforts, granting clear insight into how your company engages with professionals online.

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