Ensure that none of your clients’ support needs are neglected with a comprehensive support dashboard

What is a support dashboard?

Anyone who’s been in business for any significant amount of time knows that providing a good product is only one part of a successful business plan. Even the best products and services can have problems, and when that happens, your customers need to be able to contact you to fix things. The problem is that when your support teams are trying to juggle dozens, if not hundreds, of tickets, it’s easy for some things to fall through the cracks.

Whether your team is working with external customers or internal IT tickets, they need to be able to see how they’re doing in order to improve. A support dashboard, or customer service dashboard, is a software solution that allows support staff, as well as managers and upper-level executives, to keep track of everything and make sure every customer’s needs are met. Each support dashboard can be customized, presenting each team member only with the information that is pertinent to their role. Support data from dozens of sources is compiled into a single, easy-to-read graphical interface. Plus, Grow’s support dashboards update in real time, meaning every member of your support team will be working with accurate, current data.

support dashboard

How a Support Dashboard can Benefit Your Business

A good product will get customers in the door, but good customer service will keep them coming back and encourage them to tell their contacts about you. With a Grow support dashboard, your team will be able to track the relevant metrics in a single place, allowing leadership to recognize strengths as well as opportunities for improvement. It also enables management to predict which days may have a relatively high load of tickets and prepare by bringing in additional staff, as well as bringing in a smaller team when demand is expected to be low.

Beneficial Data for Every Level of Your Support Team

Information about your support structure is important to your support team, of course, but its usefulness goes far beyond that. Still, each piece of data you bring in may only be relevant to specific team members. Grow allows you to customize your support dashboards for each team member, allowing them to easily find the information they need without having to sort through clutter. All the data is still available, but you decide how it appears so that each team member has easy access to the numbers that are most relevant to them.

Support Teams

In order to offer the best support, your team members need to be able to keep an eye on their own metrics, as well as broader metrics that reflect the entire team. If there is a high number of tickets in the queue, they need to see that so they can better budget their time with each customer. If their time on each ticket is averaging longer than it should be, they need to know so they can adapt their strategies. Grow can pull data from all of your organization’s support tools and bring them into a single customer service dashboard, allowing your team members to see how they are doing and how they can improve.

Support Team Managers

Management needs to be able to keep track of the support team’s workloads in order to make decisions about when to bring in a larger or smaller team. If they notice problems in the average queue time or customer satisfaction ratings as a whole, they can shore up those weaknesses by bringing in more staff, acquiring additional tools for the team, or even adding incentives to improve team morale.

C-Level Executives

Support can affect every level of the business, all the way up to the top. But it’s not easy for executives to stop in regularly to see how things are working. A Grow support dashboard makes it easy for executives to stay aware of how things are running by bringing all the relevant information into a single location that they can easily check. If there’s a problem they need to address, they can make the necessary changes, but otherwise, they know there’s nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, if a policy change leads to a major backlash, this will first become apparent through the support channels.

Public Relations and Marketing Teams

Support data can grant insights beyond just your support team’s ticket load. If your company makes a major change to a product, service, or business process, chances are high that people will have something to say about it. By keeping an eye on changes in tickets, as well as satisfaction numbers, your PR and marketing teams can adjust their campaigns to capitalize on successes and mitigate unexpected problems.

Automated Reports Customized for Your Needs

Grow does more than bring your data into a panel you check a few times a day. You can also automatically generate reports on a regular basis to provide your team with fresh insights on how metrics stack up over time. Whether on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, you can design your reports to cover the topics most relevant to you, and it will all be generated automatically.

A Powerful Tool for Your Support Team—Backed Up by Our Support Team

At Grow, we understand the value of good support, and we’re more than just talk. When you deploy one of our support dashboards, you’re getting more than just a software tool—you’re getting access to our skilled team of data analysts and engineers. Our team is familiar with every aspect of the Grow platform, and they’re ready to take you through each step of the process. They can help you to decide on which integrations will be best for you, then help you to set up those integrations. They can walk you through the steps of setting up your support dashboard, and they can teach you how to run useful analyses on the data you’re bringing in. We want to make sure that your dashboard is set up to deliver exactly the information you need.

Dozens of Integrations for Compatibility with a Wide Array of Tools

Grow integrates with an ever-rising number of tools, with dozens of integrations already in place. It can then take the data from all those sources and bring it into a single location. Here are just a few of our most popular integrations for support teams:


Zendesk is a tool that tracks support metrics, making it easy for teams to visualize and analyze where they are succeeding and where they need to improve. Grow allows teams to import this data into a dashboard and even analyze it against data from other sources for additional insights.


Vonage is a popular voice over internet protocol (VoIP) tool that is commonly used among support teams. Grow can integrate with your Vonage system to pull in metrics such as call length and queue load in order to give your team insights on how to streamline the process and improve customer experience.


Freshdesk organizes support services into a single, cloud-based tool, allowing teams to address customer and staff problems through email, chat, phone, websites, and even social media channels. With Grow, you can take the data that Freshdesk gathers and visualize it in a clear, easy-to-understand way.


Your organization might use spreadsheets to collaborate on important support metrics as well, using FTP/SFTP to manage and coordinate the files. You can integrate those files into a Grow dashboard, setting your dashboard to update whenever those files show updated data.

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