Are Outdated Reporting Tools Holding You Back? It’s Time for BI.

If you struggle to track and manage company performance with Excel reports or a similar tool, there’s a better way. One that won’t drain large amounts of time and stifle your company’s growth. It’s a modern business intelligence (BI) tool.

Modern BI tools easily track company performance by creating simple, up-to-date reporting for fast, data-driven action. An overwhelming 89% of business leaders believe BI will revolutionize business operations like the Internet did. Adopting a modern BI tool is the game-changing element your company needs.

Excel reports are outdated

Many companies use Excel reports to track performance. But to be honest, Excel is an outdated solution for company reporting. Building reports to track performance in Excel is cumbersome and slow. If this describes you, it’s time to upgrade:

You spend hours after work or on weekends filling Excel rows and columns with business data. Then, you sort the data and produce an Excel report to review company performance. While reviewing the report in search of insights, you realize the report is incomplete and you need more data. Back to filling rows and columns and sorting more data.

Your business can’t thrive this way, but it can with a modern BI tool.

Modern BI tools combine all your Excel data sets and display them on easy-to-read dashboards. Modern BI tools also retrieve and display info from other internal and external business apps, spreadsheets, databases, and other sources on your dashboards. This consolidates all your data to one location providing you and your team quick, factual analytics for timely, actionable insights.

Excel reporting vs Grow Dashboard reporting

Quick reporting is essential to stay competitive

Today’s business landscape can change overnight. Because of this, a quick reporting process is essential to gaining and maintaining your competitive position. Slow reporting methods translate into slower insights and even slower action. If your company uses outdated reporting methods, it will get outdated results and soon become an outdated business.

Former Yahoo President and CEO Marissa Mayer said, “With data collection, ‘the sooner the better’ is always the best answer.” By fueling your company with data from a modern BI tool, you can expect:

  • Faster problem discovery
  • Faster game-changing insights
  • Faster growth-propelling actions

BI is a key player for 1 Atelier

Brandon Ferioli, Digital Product Manager at 1 Atelier, was spending hours creating reports. Grow saved loads of time, made new business-transforming data accessible, and more.

1 Atelier, a New York-based ecommerce business, offers fully-customizable handbags. Before Grow, 1 Atelier struggled to derive meaning from piecemeal data they’d manually aggregated.

“The moment we realized we needed to try something new was one night around 2 a.m. … I had spent hours trying to run database queries and download CSVs of order data to try to run a report. I knew then that we needed Grow.”

– Brandon Ferioli, Digital Product Manager at 1 Atelier

With Grow on their team, 1 Atelier discovered valuable data they weren’t aware of which could transform their business. “We had lots of data we didn’t even know about, stuff that was sitting under the surface of our toolset just waiting to be tapped,” Ferioli said. “Grow helps us look at the success of marketing campaigns, the performance of our ecommerce platform, and track KPIs and target goals—all in real time.”

With the results they were seeing, 1 Atelier empowered their whole team with Grow. “Everyone at 1 Atelier sees our Grow dashboards and is able to visualize data important to their position. I personally use Grow to drive product decisions, and our CEO uses Grow to analyze business performance,” said Ferioli. “With clear data visualization, easy setup, and invaluable features, Grow has become a key player for the 1 Atelier team.”

Is your BI strategy working as wells as 1 Atelier’s, or could it use an upgrade? Learn how a business intelligence solution like Grow can help you get to the next level by requesting a demo today.

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