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Fulfilling data demands company-wide.

When ShipMonk founder Jan Bednar moved to the U.S. to finish school, he suddenly had access to American brands and products that weren’t available in the Czech Republic. After sending several “orders” to friends back home, Bednar was able to build a sustainable business that laid the foundation for ShipMonk—an innovative fulfillment and inventory management solution that allows startups and SMBs to focus on growth.

Kevin Sides CMO ShipMonk

Integrations used.

Messy and Scattered Data Impede Progress

ShipMonk’s motto, “Stress Less, Grow More,” has been a guiding principle since the company was founded. But as they grew, so did their data, until it became a scattered, stress-inducing mess. As ShipMonk CMO Kevin Sides explains, “We struggled before Grow because we were trying to visualize data in Google Sheets, and when you’re on the forefront of growth and executing new tactics on a regular basis, it’s very hard to keep reinventing your reports to measure success.”

Not only was visualization difficult, ShipMonk had data siloed all over the place: “We were tracking everything from each specific channel (i.e. Salesforce, Mixpanel, etc.), but as we started to scale, we quickly realized we needed an integrated solution,” says Sides.

“We quickly realized we needed an integrated solution.”

Stuck with spotty and scattered visualization, ShipMonk was also spending disproportionate resources to put together even basic reports. “Creating reports was extremely time consuming, and it was like putting together a puzzle each month,” Sides says. It difficult and time consuming, but worse, it really wasn’t helping. “We felt like we were flying blind with our KPIs and benchmarks. We had no way to really tell if we were on top of our funnel acquisition efforts or if we were really driving business growth.”

“We felt like we were flying blind.”

Finding Immediate Results with Grow

“Our account manager was awesome in getting us setup.”

Determined to solve their data problems, ShipMonk signed up with Grow. “Our account manager was awesome in getting us set up,” Sides says, “We immediately began tracking Cost Per Acquisition, Lifetime Value, Packages Shipped, Warehouse Efficiencies, Value of Cohorts, Quality of Lead Sources, and Sales Team Performance.” Being able to easily track and visualize data made a huge difference at ShipMonk, and Sides says that now, “everyone at ShipMonk—our sales, marketing, finance, warehouse, and operations departments—use Grow.”

“Everyone at ShipMonk uses Grow.”

There have been immediate results for ShipMonk: “Grow has helped us get Cost Per Acquisition much lower and have less waste. With Grow, we’re benchmarking better and able to see how to take actionable efforts to optimize our efforts from marketing to operations.” From day one with Grow, ShipMonk has been able to run a more effective, more successful company.

So. Much. Easier.

“Grow saves us a ton of time and headaches.”

In addition to being much more efficient, things are much easier for ShipMonk: “Grow saves us a ton of time and headaches,” Sides explains. “Grow helps us manage things in real-time and not have to wait for someone to manually pull reports (if ever). It’s just been such a positive experience seeing our reports right there for us each day.”

“It’s just been such a positive experience.”

Visualization That Brings Results

“With Grow, we can now track everything in real-time and adjust as needed.”

For ShipMonk, there’s no more flying blind: “With Grow we can now track everything in real-time and adjust as needed,” Sides says. Being able to see trends within the company as they happen is key to leading the company in the right direction.

“Grow has helped us have a more cohesive team.”

What are ShipMonk’s favorite Grow features? “We love that Grow offers real-time reporting of data from so many integrations,” Sides says. This allows ShipMonk to pull data from all software, accounts, and data sources that they have. “It has been so important in fully integrating between sales, marketing, and our warehouse operations,” says Sides. “Grow has helped us have a more cohesive team and be able to see how the other departments are performing and how each of our roles affect the others.”

“We absolutely recommend Grow.”

Overall, Sides says, “We absolutely recommend Grow. If you’re not tracking your data to your bottom line, you’re overspending and wasting resources. No doubt.”

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