Critical Priorities Dashboard
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What Is Measured

  • New users
  • Leads
  • Sales goals
  • Customer Pain Points

How It Helps Growth

  • Deepening company understanding of customer problems
  • Matching marketing and sales messaging to address customer pains
  • Drive impactful product updates
The Need to Understand Their Customers

The Need to Understand Their Customers

Every company is unique, and Sococo is no exception. In their current business model, Kyle Garrett, who runs Sococo’s Sales & Marketing Ops, knew there was a need to define unique metrics that could provide insight into specific business goals for marketing, product and sales teams. While their company health dashboard showed YTD sales, Inbound Leads Created this Month, and New Seats, the teams needed more.

“We wanted a way to make sure that changes in the product weren’t superfluous, and that people’s problems were getting solved with every update that we made within the product,” said Garrett. They determined that the most helpful information would be their customer’s pain points shown in a simple visualization.

How Sococo Built the Customer Pain Points Metric

Using Grow and Salesforce, Garrett defined their data and created a new metric in their Company Health Dashboard titled “Main Pain Points from Leads.” This data was primarily recorded in Salesforce after conversations Sococo’s sales team had with prospective customers.

How Sococo Built the Customer Pain Points Metric
What Sococo Does with Their Company Health Dashboard

What Sococo Does with Their Company Health Dashboard

After tracking pains for some time, Sococo discovered that while their messaging was focused on the novelty of their software, it didn’t line up with the problems prospects were facing when they considered Sococo as a solution. “Even though we prefer not to market ourselves as a collaboration tool, we found that that’s what people were looking to solve when they wanted us,” says Garrett.

As a result, marketing pivoted their ads and messaging from a novel version of remote work to being a collaboration-friendly tool. The product team began focusing on collaborative integrations for their software, setting Sococo up to be found by the right people and solve the right problems—ultimately ending with a better product-market fit and explosive growth.

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