Meet the brands that rely on Grow

Jake Jarman & Grant Collard
COO/CEO, Redstone Residential

Tom Clark
CEO, Banyan (formerly Social Dental)

Nate Quigley
CEO, Chatbooks

Brent Bennet
CEO, Spectra Management

Case Studies

We love hearing from our customers how Grow supports their businesses—whether it’s through better goal tracking, company-wide access to key metrics, or simply seeing all their data united in one place. No matter the industry, Grow makes a difference for growing companies. But you don’t have to take our word for it.


Dolls Kill

“The biggest value Grow provides to the company is keeping everybody aligned to key metrics. To me, that’s the biggest reason why we use Grow.”

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“We want everyone to see the data as it impacts how successful we are as a company.”

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The Dots

“Everybody is now talking about the data and understands it.”

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“We thought we were hunting for something that didn’t exist…until we found Grow.”

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Sebo Marketing

“Before Grow, it was often hard to know exactly which actions were the most effective.”

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“Grow delivers where others fail. The price and performance is unrivaled.”

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“With Grow, we can now track everything in real-time and adjust as needed.”

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real thread

Real Thread

“Grow is the big win I was looking for.”

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“[With Grow], we can now supply each of our clients with a Grow dashboard that displays their own data.”

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“Grow was exactly what we needed: low cost and very useful.”

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Launch Leads

“Grow provides transparency at every level, drives performance, and creates healthy competition.”

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Hawkins Law Firm

“We now have our attorneys, paralegals, finance team members, operations, and others all using Grow.”

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edit suits co.

Edit Suits Co.

“Grow has given us a 360 degree view of our business—allowing us to see where we’ve been, where we are, and where we need to go.”

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“Every day I am evangelizing data-driven decision making.”

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