Customer Story: Boatsetter

Making a splash in a world where data is king

In 2014, Boatsetter and Cruzin came together with one mission: to connect recreational boaters with boat owners and boat captains in a way that had never been done before. Now, Boatsetter seeks to make boating accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any budget, by making boat sharing and private boat rentals as easy as online shopping.

Pablo Vidal Areán
CMO, Boatsetter

Company: Boatsetter
Why Grow?
・Connect data from all sources in a single place
・Identify trends—good and bad—within the company
・Track sales and reach goals

Becoming Data-Driven

As a young, recently-merged SaaS company, Boatsetter realized that “too much data or messy data is the same as no data,” says CMO, Pablo Vidal Areán. “When you manage a three-sided marketplace between boaters, boat owners, and boat captains, where the multiple combinations of factors multiplies the complexity exponentially, you never have the info you need in one place and all interconnected.”

“We found Grow and it was love at first sight.”

Boatsetter knew their data would only become more and more complex as their company grew, but they were determined to find a fresh, forward-thinking solution. “We are always open to new things, and strive for improvement and innovation,” Areán says. So Boatsetter began looking for ways to efficiently track, analyze, and visualize their data.

“After doing some research, we found Grow,” Areán remembers. “It was love at first sight.”

Find Your Next Step

“Grow was easy to implement, easy to use, and there were immediate results,” says Areán. With all their data was available in one place and updating in real time, the team could clearly see what they needed to do to reach their goals. “It was all about converting leads,” Areán explains.

As a result, they immediately refined their focus, targeting key metrics such as channel efficiency, lead status, types of boat booked, ROI of promotional campaigns, etc. With Grow, Boatsetter gained an entirely new perspective on their business and sales process, which enabled them to take advantage of opportunities, avoid unnecessary distractions, and recognize the right moves to make.

“There were immediate results.”

Accelerating Growth

For Boatsetter, choosing Grow has been like hiring a new employee with an unsinkable work-ethic—a data analyst that delivers up-to-date reports 24/7/365.

Grow plays an integral role in day-to-day activities at Boatsetter. Every Boatsetter employee uses Grow to “track company trends, discover important insights within the data, and detect potential issues before they even happen,” says Areán. And everyone that walks into the office sees their Grow dashboard displayed on the wall.

“Grow just gives us the insight we need.”

Areán still remembers one of the first big celebrations Boatsetter had with their Grow sales dashboards. The moment was incredible, he explains, “seeing us reach our sales goal, and the team actually cheering at the TV screen!”

As Boatsetter looks to the future, they can’t imagine it without Grow: “We’ve definitely seen great improvement in efficiency and reporting,” says Areán. “Grow just gives us the insight we need to improve and achieve better results.”