Customer Story: eVisit

Keeping an eye on the company’s pulse

Healthcare tech company eVisit equips patients and providers with a telemedicine patient engagement software platform that offers an innovative approach to caring for patients remotely, in order to increase patient flow and practice productivity. eVisit is dedicated to improving provider and patient outcomes by simplifying healthcare and broadening the availability of doctors across the country.

Deric Frost
Co-Founder & CRO

Company: eVisit
Why Grow?
・Visualize all company data
・Help employees reach their goals
・Easy implementation

Simplify and Visualize

As a company that seeks to simplify the extremely complex world of healthcare data, eVisit understood the need to be able to easily track, analyze, and visualize their own data. CRO and Co-Founder of eVisit, Deric Frost, explains: “Our challenges before Grow were visualizing our KPIs and data that drive all our business decisions.”

The eVisit team knew they needed change something “when [they] realized that data visualization is just not possible through Google Sheets.”

Bringing Data to Life

“Onboarding was one of our most positive experiences.”

The transition to Grow was quick and smooth, Frost remembers: “Onboarding was one of our most positive experiences.” With Grow’s team of customer success managers and data analysts, bringing eVisit’s data to life was a painless process. Once they were able to visualize the company’s position and trajectory overall, eVisit implemented Grow in every department.

Seeing the Path to Success

“Grow helps our employees understand how they are trending towards their goals.”

Since then, Grow has become an integral part of the company. “We use Grow to track weekly, monthly, and quarterly metrics across all of our departments. It provides us a fast understanding of company wide performance,” says Frost. In addition to seeing an overall snapshot of the state of the company, “Grow helps our employees understand what their own key performance metrics are and how they are trending towards their goals.” With Grow, the eVisit team is united and empowered by data to accomplish their mission.